Ken AnHo – 謙.安和


Ken AnHo


No.4 Lane 127 Section 1 AnHe Rd, Daan District, Taipei 大安區安和路一段127巷4號

02 2700 8128

A few years ago, when there weren’t many omaske restaurants, Omura, Yo Sushi and Niu sushi were some of the must go places.  Back then having a meal around NT$3000 was already a splurge.

Now with the buzzing scene and the cray of omakase, almost a new shop pop up every single month.   A NT$3000 meal is nothing, now we have the NT$7000 up menus.  Which you will get a pile of toro, 1/2 board of uni, scallops, caviar all in one bite.  Senju brought this new concept of member only and exceptional high value omakase set to fellow sushi lovers.  Sushi rolls have to be photogenic enough to boost your likes on Instagram and facebook, or it has to be as big as your palm which you can’t even stuff it in your mouth.

I know each one of us have our own must go sushi place, and which also depends on the interaction between you and the sushi master, just like going to your perfered hair salon, where  your hairdresser knows exactly how you would like your hair to be styled.  I wouldn’t say that I am not a big fan of Senju, I was totally in love with tri-toro sushi and the senju roll.  However, on a regular basis I perfer the Yun joints.  I was a bit disappointed when I went to try out Yun Ji Man, which stopped me from going to Yuns for awhile.  Recently, I have been going to Ken AnHo which is a member of Yun, for the three times I went all the menu were different and sushi master Wachi Isao never fail to surprise us.  Ken Anho didn’t take on the Yun’s name but using 謙 meaning humble and I was told that was Isao San’s idea.

Ken Anho has three private rooms which completely satisfy the ongoing private dining trend, but if you would like to interact with the chef there are 8 sushi bar seatings. Ken AnHo only opens for dinner and with the menu priced reasonably (I think) at NT$5800. It was a full on dinner and we couldn’t finished the entire set on my first visit and they adjusted the portions from then on .

IMG_1404 IMG_1343

The night began with a chilled Chawanmushi topped with caviar and squid ink slushy.  The egg custard was smooth and silky combined with the icy cold slushy and saltiness of caviar took the game to the next level.

This menu was consisted of cooked dishes in majority, the toro, flounder and amber jack sashimi was the only raw dish of the night.
IMG_1348 IMG_1353IMG_1357IMG_1369
I gotta say there were a few dishes which never slipped from my tastebuds.  The Wagyu Gyudon, Unadon and the Prawn and tofu ball. The Gyudon was with truffle and  egg yolk mousse, you heard me right,  Wagyu, truffle and egg, only caviar was missing out on this luxy party.  Unagi was paired up with sticky rice which added extra chewiness to the dish.  This reminded me of the one I had in Kyoto, and I think I preferred this tiny bowl over the traditional unadon box which was a bit too much for me.
IMG_1367 IMG_1382
IMG_1386 IMG_1393
IMG_1373 IMG_1375

I didn’t like the grilled moochi Karasumi, however, all of my friends gave it a big thumb up. Karasumi isn’t in my scope at all, and I think it is too salty for my liking, may be I need a Karasumi tasting session to learn how to appreciate it.

IMG_1368 IMG_1388

Ken Anho is following the footsteps of RyuGin, so if you are looking for sushi and sashimi this is not the place to go.

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IMG_1396 IMG_1403

The Westin Tashee Resort, Taoyuan – 桃園大溪笠復威斯汀度假酒店~~Room


The Westin Tashee Resort, Taoyuan


No. 166 Rixin Road, Daxi District, Taoyuan Taipei 桃園市大溪區日新路166號

(886)(3) 272 5777


I stayed at the first Starwood Resort in Taiwan, back in the first week of Jan, 2016.  The Westin Tashee Resort has opened it’s doors since Christmas 2015.  We booked the opening special which includes breakfast for two and double starpoints if you are a SPG member.

I have a detailed blog on the hotel environment here (click here)

As the Platinum member of SPG, we were upgraded to the Family suite.  Our check-in agent told us that only 40% of the rooms were ready, and they were doing some final touches .


Our suite had a separate living area and a guest washroom, there was also a balcony looking out to the swimming pool and the gold course next door. The living area is well contained with a work station which has adequate stationaries.


The minibar we had in our suite was overheated, we had it changed once, but when we got our soymilk from it the next morning  our drinks were warm.  The engineer said it was probably the design of the cabinet which cause the problem.  They use the Illy coffee capsules machine here, the staff was willing to give us one extra capsule the next day after we finished the ones provided.


Moving onto the bedroom area, as usual we have the heavenly bed from Westin which was as good as always. There was another balcony in the bedroom with the same view.  In-room dining wasn’t available at the time we stayed, due to the fact that they were waiting on their cutleries.  

The bathroom was spacious, with a bathtub on the left and shower and toilet on the left.  Unlike other Starwood hotels which provides a set of luxury brand amenities for suites, Westin Tashee they have the Westin White Tea bath and body, the ones you get in any of the Westin hotels. They provides a bath loafer but not bath salt for bubble bath.

Upon check out, we found that the carpet wasn’t looking like it was the day before, vacuuming was needed.

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W Taipei’s Little sister – Aloft Taipei ZhongShan 台北中山雅樂軒


Aloft Taipei Zhongshan 台北中山雅樂軒酒店

No 1 Shuangcheng Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei 台北市中山區雙城街1號

886 2 7743 9999

Starwood has been working very hard to claim their territory in Taiwan, flagging two new places before we said good bye to 2015.

The hipster W claiming the CBD and now brought in the younger sister Aloft which situated on the other side of Taipei city.  Aloft located in one of the shopping and cafe hopping area, which is an ideal location for some younger travelers, and an alternative to the Four Points by Sheraton which is located far from city center.

Aloft doesn’t have a glamorous lobby likes others, a tiny weeny lobby with just a check-in area and nothing else, and using LEDs displays as decorations.  Upon arriving at the hotel I was greeted by name,  an agent from Four Points who still recognize me from 2 years ago. The checkin process took longer than usual, but very informative and immediate recognizing my SPG status.  Platinum member gets a free drink from W XYZ while their opening special offers free buffet breakfast from Re:fuel.  How chic kiddo roll, we “grab and go” from Re:fuel and partying with the latest music and DJ at W XYZ.

The modern styled room ain’t huge but it had everything needed.  When we mentioned that the paint smell was a bit strong in the room, they bought in an air purifier as soon as possible.  As a vision of W, Aloft offers Bliss amenities but a different line of product – Tired+Blue.  We did find that the bathtub was a little bit too shallow to our comfort and the air circulation of the the bathroom wasn’t that good.

The light switches panel was a memory game and trial and error.  No labeling or what so ever, it will take you a good 5 minutes to turn on your headlight or switch off the lights at night.


Our room had a balcony but we weren’t able to open the door, but we forgotten to ask about it upon check out.

Aloft is very convenient with MRT station and bus stops just 5 mins away, not to mention the famous Qingguang Market  down the block.  I personally recommend this market to all my friends over the infamous Shilin Night Market, in QingGuang you can find alot of traditional local eats like the tofu dessert, taiwanese style sandwiches, sesame chicken soup, LuWei, doughnut, wheelcake.  I am sure you will have a lots of fun exploring the area.


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I Between Whiles – 時常在這裡


No. 35, Lane 194,Songjiang Rd  台北市松江路194巷35號


Thursday – Sunday 1300 – 1800

Facebook page (click here)

I arrived around 12:30 and there were already a line in front of a closed door, no signage, no post, there were nothing indicate that it is a cafe.  I swear if it wasn’t because of the line, I wouldn’t know its a cafe.  People waited patiently and yet excited. Everyone was taking #selfies posting on IG showing off that they were lining up for this infamous but mysterious shop.  Doors opened promptly at 1:00, without further adieu customers were seated accordingly and I was lucky enough to get the last table.  It isn’t a huge cafe, in fact it has less than 15 seats.  Between whiles is here 時常在這裡 Between whiles is here 時常在這裡 Between whiles is here 時常在這裡 Between whiles is here 時常在這裡 Between whiles is here 時常在這裡 Between whiles is here 時常在這裡 Between whiles is here 時常在這裡 Between whiles is here 時常在這裡 Between whiles is here 時常在這裡 Between whiles is here 時常在這裡

The shop is decorated with artworks and furnitures from Japan, also an area designated for Between Whiles General store which sell some of the good finds from parts of Japan.  The cafe was filled with delicious aroma from the busy kitchen, cakes, cakes and cakes.  Each of the cakes were limited and yea they only have one menu to go around, so you have to wait for your turn to order.  Between whiles is here 時常在這裡

My friend was a bit disappointed as they only offer teas but not coffee, we agreed that it was a right decision for a shop like Between Whiles, but they offer a summer drink menu during summer time.  If you do manage to get a table, it doesn’t mean that you will get all the choice on the menu.  Their cakes were so limited that they sold out before the first round, so yea, it’s playing the I’m hard to get game.   If you want to do take outs be sure to come early, they tend to sold out within an hour or two.  Other than their regular salted butter pound cake ($200) and apple turnover ( $200), they also have a weekly special – the one we had was  sweet potato chiffon cake ($180).

Girls never have enough sweets!!! We ordered three desserts to share between the two of us.  The sweet potato chiffon was layered with creamy mash which was very dense  and it was a strong comparison to the light and fluffy chiffon layer.  I also liked the salted butter pound cake, it was warm and companioned by their fluffy whip.

My friends from Hong Kong always love the pound cake I buy them as souvenirs.  I do always FB message them two weeks before I fly out from Taipei and get my order sorted.

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Between whiles is here 時常在這裡 Between whiles is here 時常在這裡 Between whiles is here 時常在這裡 Between whiles is here 時常在這裡 Between whiles is here 時常在這裡 Between whiles is here 時常在這裡 Between whiles is here 時常在這裡 Between whiles is here 時常在這裡 Between whiles is here 時常在這裡

Something fishy, taste of Ocean – Kushi Bar Ocean 漁串場

魚串場 Kushi Bar

Ocean Kushi Bar 漁串場

No 29, Lane 280 GuangFu South Road 光復南路280巷29號

02-2731 9755

Website (Click here)

You will never go hungry around Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall station, the alley ways never look the same with different restaurants and shops popping up here and there.  Joining the prime location is the new joint from Kushi Bar Group, this branch is differ from the other branches by serving mostly tastes of Ocean.  I can imagine myself having a fest of sashimi and sushi, but cooked fish ain’t my cup of tea. When talked about Yakitori the first thing that came into my mind was chicken skewers with egg yolk, fishes no where to be near.  I was astounded by Kushi Bar’s new member and this was a challenging one. On a Sunday evening, the restaurant was buzzing and we were lucky enough to get a seat by the bar.   Once seated they served us the chilled pepper edamame and handed us the menu.

魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar

Witnessing the flamed kitchen, brewing all kinds of skewers was mouthwatering.  However, when I stared at the menu, I kept asking myself “Are you sure you want to have this?” I ordered a few dishes that shouldn’t go wrong by it’s name.  For instant, the Cheese chikura (TWD $65/ skewer), it was just as promising as it sounded.  Deep fried with a crispy shell, inside was the bouncy fish paste tube stuffed with oozing cheese. Another one which was a never failing combo, if you love the raw ingredients – uni scallop sandwich ( TWD $160/ piece).  Uni and scallop can never go wrong as long as they were from a good source, a bite of it gratified my crave of my two favorite things.  It was a mouthful of sweetness and nothing fancy here just the scent of ocean.  The Yaki seafood balls (TWD $130) topped with mayo and mentaiko, the seafood balls were made from fish paste with chucks of octopus and cuttlefish.

魚串場 Kushi Bar魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar

I ordered the Geoduck clams skewer (TWD $75/skewer), since this is my favorite ingredient for hot pot. Not to my liking, the clams were a bit stink, guessed it was how it tasted like after cooked with not much seasonings.  Afterall, I like it raw or have it in hotpot.

The Capelin mentaiko (TWD $65/skewer) took a sharp turn, Capelin was one of the last thing that I would order.  The fish roe inside weren’t my top favorite, and I classified it as fish that has a very strong aroma.  Kushi bar took it to the next level, replacing it’s roe with mentaiko which added alot texture to the dish.  The fish were process and cook in the right way, so  you couldn’t tell that you were having Capelin.  The Pike mackerel (TWD $70/skewer) was another high note, I started to like pike mackerel when I first had it for sashimi.  Seriously, these fishes are weird they taste different when they are raw, or should I say they need to be processed the right way.  Pike mackerel had left an impression of it’s bitterness and hundred and thousands of bones, which is not my cup of tea.  This skewer changed my impression and did it’s justices by bringing out it’s sweetness and juiciness which were accompanied by the chives and onion.  Nothing fancy here, but credit went to the deboning skills and not even a hint of bitterness.  To finish off the meal strongly, here came the squid (TWD $65/skewer). The fresh squid was blanched and ice bathed to preserved it’s texture and crunchiness, with a squeeze of kumquat – heavenly.

We ended our meal with the semi-frozen sesame cream (TWD $80) it was very creamy and filled you mouth with the scent of sesame.  However, the brown sugar sauce ruined the entire thing, I recommended that you ask for the sauce on the side.

I would definitely go back to the Ocean Kushi bar again when I craved for a meal of fishes.

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魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar

Pho for lunch, seafood for dinner – Brookhurst Seafood Bar 布魯克海鮮吧‬

Brookhurst Seafood Bar 美式麻辣海鮮‬

Brookhurst Caliphonia

Facebook (click here)

Mon – Fri: 11:30–16:00  Sat – Sun:11:30–17:00

Brookhurst Seafood Bar

Facebook (Click here)

Tues – Sun:17:30–00:00


No. 43, Lane 308, Guangfu South Road, Taipei / 光復南路308巷43號

Brookhurst Caliphonia 布魯克加州式越南餐廳 Brookhurst Seafood Bar 美式麻辣海鮮‬ Brookhurst Caliphonia 布魯克加州式越南餐廳

Knowing how expensive the rent is in Taipei, works like the wonder of jobshare, Brookhurst does “cuisine share”.  For me I don’t tend to have Vietnamese at night, it’s kinda a lunch thing and I don’t think I want to grub and chug  with beer for lunch either. At Brookhurst, it is when two become one.  Pho for Lunch and Seafood for dinner.

Brookhurst Caliphonia 布魯克加州式越南餐廳 Brookhurst Caliphonia 布魯克加州式越南餐廳

I tried their famous chicken, beef pho when they first opened.  Loved their broth, very rich and didn’t have the heavy MSG you get in normal Viet restaurant.  On a hot night, we ordered something refreshing and cold.

The rice paper roll was very light with the minimal additional flavors, so it relied on its Nuoc Cham ( dipping sauce).  It tasted lightweighted and guilt free but I think I prefer the fattening deep fried ones.

We had the BH Bahn Mi with pork too, this brought back alot of childhood memories.  Bahn Mi used to be the one and only Viet dish I liked when I was little and it was back in the times in Melbourne.  This wasn’t popular in most of the restaurant I went and it was really hard to find.

Loving the BBQ pork and chicken bun, a huge portion of veggies – lettuces and carrot.  The BBQ meat were spot on and everything worked like wonder.

Brookhurst Caliphonia 布魯克加州式越南餐廳 Brookhurst Caliphonia 布魯克加州式越南餐廳 Brookhurst Caliphonia 布魯克加州式越南餐廳 Brookhurst Caliphonia 布魯克加州式越南餐廳 Brookhurst Caliphonia 布魯克加州式越南餐廳 Brookhurst Caliphonia 布魯克加州式越南餐廳 Brookhurst Caliphonia 布魯克加州式越南餐廳

At night Brookhurst turned into the hippest cuisine in town, the seafood bar adopted the concept form the Boiling Crab LA.  Took the boil in a bag Cajun style seafood 10 years to get to Taipei, never too late though.  This is what we call dig in, we put the gloves on and use our hands for everything.  They came in a plastic bag and in there you got everything you order in whatever sauce you choose.  It was a fun night putting your bibs on and leave your phone aside, enjoy the night with your friends. Brookhurst also gave you a seal lock bag for your phone, in case it got all messy and you can still get access to your phone when you have your gloves on with the Cajun sauce dripping off.

messyBrookhurst Seafood Bar 美式麻辣海鮮‬ Brookhurst Seafood Bar 美式麻辣海鮮‬ Brookhurst Seafood Bar 美式麻辣海鮮‬

Brookhurst Seafood Bar 美式麻辣海鮮‬

The mussels and the scallops were super duper good, the for the greens I loved the potatoes, corns and broccolis .  With just the three of us we ordered the S meal (TWD $999) with 3 different types of seafood with all the addon vegetables (TWD $60 each), the portion was just right.

Brookhurst seafood bar is a great place to hang and an awesome night out with friends.  Especially when everyone has to have their phones down, this became super rare after the invention of smart phones.  Loved my get messy night, had so much fun.

Brookhurst Seafood Bar 美式麻辣海鮮‬ Brookhurst Seafood Bar 美式麻辣海鮮‬ Brookhurst Seafood Bar 美式麻辣海鮮‬ Brookhurst Seafood Bar 美式麻辣海鮮‬

A yummylicious magic show – Yellow Lemon Dessert Bar 大直黃檸檬

yellow lemon 黃檸檬

Yellow Lemon 黃檸檬

561 MingShui Road, ZhongShan District 明水路561號


Yellow Lemon Facebook 

yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬

Yellow Lemon is infamous for it’s A-R-T, Scrambled egg and bacon ice cream and of course it’s celebrity chef – Andrea Bonaffini.  Situated in a prime location on MingShui Road, as an addition to the Angie Group.   I met Chef Andrea through W Hong Kong insider when I was staying there a while back.  He worked in one of the three stars restaurants – The Fat Duck and also the pastry chef of W Hong Kong.  Yellow Lemon has became my frequent hangout spot,  simply because it is just too convenient,  open till late and of course lots of good food.  Yellow Lemon adopted The Fat Duck’s spirit, it’s all about food pairing and muti-sensory cooking.  And yes, coming with it…  is the signature scrambled egg and bacon ice cream.  The dining experiences take us on a journey from visual to our tastebuds.

yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬

Even though, Yellow Lemon is a dessert bar, it’s savory items are finger licking good too.

The Vitello Tonnato (TWD $450) I had a few days ago, was just unforgettable and my first time of having beef with tuna sauce.  The slow-cooked veal tenderloin paired with tuna mayo sauce, it simply melt in your mouth.  I also tried the Foie Gras (TWD $420)  it was a combination of foie gras and apple chutney on warm truffle brioche, the switch between foie gras and apple was just magical.  I strongly recommended these two savory items.

yellow lemon 黃檸檬Vitello Tonnato (TWD $450) yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬

On the other hand, desserts are a bit hard to come up with a recommendation list.  I love them all, but for first timer with a party more than 4, I would say go for A-R-T. Yellow A-R-T (TWD 1800)is a table side food show.  Chef Andrea started off by drawing on the table with  his fruit sauces, red, yellow, green, black and white, then he will continue painting on his canvas with his chocolate robot, mojito pops, powdered macarons, nitrogen chocolate and etc.  It was like eating a master piece by Jackson Pollock.  If you have a smaller party, BK (TWD $450) is a must-try.  The signature dish – scrambled egg and bacon ice cream, serve just like your English breakfast.  Scrambled egg on toast with tomato sauce on the side, at Yellow Lemon your scrambled egg was nitrogen vanilla ice cream with a hint of bacon flavored; toast was a warm caramel brioche with a crispy shell; topped with maple bacon; berries and tomato sauce on the side.  The BK erupted your visual and taste perceptions and that’s Blumenthal’s flavor encapsulation.  The Crunch (TWD $380) is my other favourite, it was a playful version of mille feuille.  Instead of stacking them layers by layers, it was constructed freely in a bowl of tiramisu custard and fruit.  This wasn’t overly sweet and the three elements were a perfect match.  I also tried their Christmas special Panettone with caramel ice cream on Christmas Day.  It was one of the best panettone I ever had, however, the rum flavor was a bit too overwhelming and over take others.  To be honest, if I had it a year ago I would love it, but since my friend and I quit drinking it was a bit too strong for our likings.  The Chocolate (TWD$350) was really good too, with six different layers of Valrhona Chocolate.  Watermelon (TWD $350) was a combination of watermelon granite, white chocolate and the the most important ingredient – popping candy.  They also had festival cookies and treats, I bought a few gingerbread men and I loved the strong gingery taste.  yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬

yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬

Lastly, we finished off with a cup of Xie Xie lemon ginger tea (TWD $250).  From my first visit to my recent Christmas lunch, I found that their staff had became less proactive and not as knowledgable when it came to menu suggestions.  They actually had quite a few staff but they all looked busy, and remember to ask for the ipad menu if you want to know what the dish looks like. They used to bring you the ipad menu once you seated, but not anymore. If you are still juggling on your order, you can always ask Chef Andrea for some recommendations, I am sure that he is happy to help. Recently, they have a time restriction of 2.5 hrs when they are busy .  One important note though, I do not recommend this place if the chef is not around, as BK and ART ain’t available on top of this the food and service quality ain’t as good too.  My friend had experienced that on one late night.

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Fashion item, cold pressed juice – JuiceIn Taipei


JuiceIn  (Facebook)

  35, Lane 151, Sec 4, Ren Ai Rd,仁愛路四段151巷35號

02-2751 7819

 Monday – Saturday   2:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Juicein Juicein

The one and only cold pressed juice in Taipei, they are hard to come by.  As you can see they only open for 5 hours and sometimes they are closed for travelings and events, be sure you check out their Facebook page before you head out for them.  Cold pressed juice in a stylish glass where you see people drinking them during fashion weeks, bloggers going on a detox every now and then, all these attractive vibrant colors and mostly they are better for your health, more vitamins, minerals and enzymes.Juicein Juicein Juicein Juicein Juicein

I tried their Cleanse 3 for a two days plan, they deliver freshly to your door every second day. JuiceIn provides three different detox plans they are: Cleanse 1, 2 and 3 . They cost $1200 per day and you will get 6 bottles of 500ml.

Cleanse 1- Beginners

Green juice x2, roots juice, fruits juice, citrus juice and almond drink

Cleanse 2 – Experienced

Green juice x3, roots juice, citrus juice and almond drink

Cleanse 3 – Expert

Green juice x4, citrus juice and almond drink 

Juicein Juicein Juicein
Juicein Juicein Juicein

All you do is to drink the 6 bottles of juices in 2 hours intervals, and bucket loads of water in between, its pretty filling and if you do want something  to eat go for veggies or fruits.  I don’t know was it the juices or something else, but i had this irritating rash on my neck for weeks before I did the detox and after i finished it disappeared after a day.  I guess it’s good to give your body a rest from all those artificial food we eat from time to time. Out of all the juices I tried I like the the Oghee monster the most and I actually asked for 2 Oghee and 2 green monster for my second day.  The Almond drink is fairly rich while the citrus juice is a bit hot and u can feel it burning up.

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Juicein Juicein Juicein Juicein Juicein

Restaurant or lounge bar? Your choice – LMNT 元素創意廚房

LMNT  元素創意廚房


LMNT  元素創意廚房

38 SongShou Road, XinYi Dist (Neo 19) 信義區松壽路28號

02 2723 0068

When Element drops it’s Es, it’s LMNT!  We had our girls night out here last week, after a long ride.  Originally it should only took us about 20 mins to get there, LOL but we ended up with an hour and a bit.  Though, the ride was long, we seized the moment and it felt like the old time when we had road trips back home.  Such an adventurous trip, guess we just wanna have fun or a getaway is much needed.

I used to club at the LMNT lounge bar and this was the first time I visited their restaurant.  Surprisingly, the place was brightly lit and spacious with ample of mirrors.

LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房

This could also be a perfect place for you and your homies to chill, chitchat and good food double wins.   For us,  we laughed our heads off the entire dinner, hopefully we weren’t too loud.  Girls just wanna have fun.

We set our eyes on the Italian Soda, on the sour side we ordered the grapefruit summer ($180) whereas the yellow kiwi is slightly sweeter.  Our Silly Sally was sipping away her drink, and she went I like the yellow kiwi but… but .. but.. it has soda in it. Our faces dropped and burst into laughter.  She made my day 🙂

Our first dish was Parma Ham and Melon with Homemade Fig ($280), the fig took me by surprise as it was marinated with a special sauce and it added a hint of sourness to it.  If you like Parma Ham I would recommend this.

Followed by the Kimchi SPAM Fried Wonton ($280) if I have to rank my favorite dishes of the night, sorry Kimchi and SPAM you are down at the bottom.  This was basically a fried kimchi wonton the SPAM was only a tiny weeny piece, this was a bit disappointing and wasn’t as wow as the others.  When I spotted Buffalo Wings ($280) on the menu, I was like I want this I want this.  “spicy or original?” All of us said in unison “SPICY!” The wings are too common for lounge bars and I have had some over fried ones before and also those swim inside the sauce.  LMNT’s was cook the way it should, and the meat was still tender and juicy.  Without paying attention, there was a mountain of bones in front of Dino I this proved Dinosaurs are meat eaters.   I liked the wings here, will definitely come back for more.

LMNT  元素創意廚房LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房

LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房For mains we ordered two Pizza kinda dish.  Kimchi Pork Pizza ($280)  was something you shouldn’t miss and it was no where near it’s twins at the pizza joint.  When the think crust and deep dish ain’t my cup of tea, thin and crispy crust for the win.  The kimchi went humorously with the extra cheesy, marinated pork and the crust, it gives the pizza most of its flavor and also a bit moist to it.  I gotta admit that I love it and my Dino once again she just couldn’t help herself from eating it.  It will be a perfect match with a cold beer.

Did I say I DON’T LIKE DEEP DISH??? But this one is the UFO deep dish  “hello.. hello… can you hear me, are we gonna land on Saturn soon?” If it can take me to outerspace why not give it a try.  We had  the Sicilian Seafood UFO Deep Dish ($320), this one you gotta eat it when it’s hot.  I quite like this one but not as much as the pizza though, there were plentiful of seafood inside the pie.   Even though it didn’t score as high as the kimchi pizza but I must say the meat sauce inside was da bomb.  We were talking about ordering the sauce along with the seafood and have it with nachos, ummm mouthwatering.

I would recommend all the dishes that we had today except for the deep fried wonton, but if you are a kimchi fans then why not.

Lastly, Miss Photogenic.  This Chestnut Berry Shell Éclair ($250) was a bit disappointing,  it looked yummilcous, once again it was the case of it’s book cover doesn’t match the contents. However, girls need something sweet all the time and a quarter of it wasn’t that bad.  It was on the sweet side and the chestnut and berry taste were a bit mild compare to the sweetness.

We had a great night, girls night out is always a good way to release some of the stress.

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LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房 IMG_8802

Hi, Sheraton Taipei, it has been a while ! – 台北喜來登

Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登

^photo from Sheraton official site

Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登

12 ZhongXiao East Road Sec. 1, Taipei  忠孝東路一段12號

02 2321 5511

I used to stay at Sheraton Taipei all the time back in the days when it was the best Starwood hotel in Taipei.  After so many years, I set my foot into this hotel again.  This hotel is pretty popular among locals for it’s buffet restaurant, and I was greeted with a large crowd at the lobby upon check-in on the day.   I love the location of the hotel, it’s just outside the Shandao Temple station and next to the best breakfast place in taipei (阜杭豆漿). Sheraton is just one station away from Taipei Main station, so it’s pretty convenient.

Since I had a work function in their ballroom early in the morning, I was expecting a message from their Event team and there was nothing.  The check in agent was pretty helpful and helped me retrieved the information needed.   I was upgraded to the Executive floor, and as a SPG member I received a hand written message from their Director of Rooms.   I have a thing for all these personalized welcome cards, even though it is  a computerized message, still love seeing them upon check-in. However, Sheraton thinks that Patricia is a Mr.?? and I was referred as on the card, on the phone, basically throughout my stay.  I found that it’s a common mistake in Taiwan, even it was clearly stated on my SPG profile.

Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登

My room was around 35 sqm which is the same size as the normal deluxe room, but being up on the executive floors you get Sweet sleeper beds, Nesspersso and Heyland& Whittle amenities.  I would say the hotel is still in good shape, with some water stains here and there overall nothing too major.  I talked to Helen Huang, director of My Humble House Florist, she said that the hotel will undergo its renovation in 2017.  Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登 Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登 Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登 Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登 Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登 Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登 Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登 Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登 Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登 Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登 Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登 Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登 Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登 Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登 Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登 Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登

Like the other My humble house properties, Sheraton Taipei provides those comfy cushioned slippers and I think it runs in the company which they tend to provide them in 2 different sizes in your room.  Whereas, in other hotels you get them in one size and of course you can always ask for the kiddo slippers.

I love the Sweet Sleepers in Sheraton hotels, but I wasn’t too sure about the ones in  Sheraton Taipei.  I toss and turn while I sleep and from time to time my back hurt because I slept right on the frame.  The next morning I decide to dig into this and found that my bed was actually two singles pushed together, that’s why I was sleeping on the metal frame through out the night.  My friend and I agreed that next time we gotta request a full king size bed.

Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登 Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登

It was funny how Sheraton Taipei issues a lending note for every single items you borrow from them, I guess the hotel must had a bad experience of guests not returning the items.

Overall, I had a pleasant stay and I found their HOTEL staff are pretty helpful.  The not-so-pleasant matter appear after I checked out, we were doing a rehearsal at their ballroom and after that we found out that the event team has been gossiping about us and making it a big deal with the PR company.  My supervisor wasn’t too happy about this and Helen Huang reassured us that it won’t happen again. Can’t wait till my next stay in two weeks time and hopefully the event team will be as helpful as the hotel staff.

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Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登 Sheraton Taipei 台北喜來登