Ken AnHo – 謙.安和


Ken AnHo


No.4 Lane 127 Section 1 AnHe Rd, Daan District, Taipei 大安區安和路一段127巷4號

02 2700 8128

A few years ago, when there weren’t many omaske restaurants, Omura, Yo Sushi and Niu sushi were some of the must go places.  Back then having a meal around NT$3000 was already a splurge.

Now with the buzzing scene and the cray of omakase, almost a new shop pop up every single month.   A NT$3000 meal is nothing, now we have the NT$7000 up menus.  Which you will get a pile of toro, 1/2 board of uni, scallops, caviar all in one bite.  Senju brought this new concept of member only and exceptional high value omakase set to fellow sushi lovers.  Sushi rolls have to be photogenic enough to boost your likes on Instagram and facebook, or it has to be as big as your palm which you can’t even stuff it in your mouth.

I know each one of us have our own must go sushi place, and which also depends on the interaction between you and the sushi master, just like going to your perfered hair salon, where  your hairdresser knows exactly how you would like your hair to be styled.  I wouldn’t say that I am not a big fan of Senju, I was totally in love with tri-toro sushi and the senju roll.  However, on a regular basis I perfer the Yun joints.  I was a bit disappointed when I went to try out Yun Ji Man, which stopped me from going to Yuns for awhile.  Recently, I have been going to Ken AnHo which is a member of Yun, for the three times I went all the menu were different and sushi master Wachi Isao never fail to surprise us.  Ken Anho didn’t take on the Yun’s name but using 謙 meaning humble and I was told that was Isao San’s idea.

Ken Anho has three private rooms which completely satisfy the ongoing private dining trend, but if you would like to interact with the chef there are 8 sushi bar seatings. Ken AnHo only opens for dinner and with the menu priced reasonably (I think) at NT$5800. It was a full on dinner and we couldn’t finished the entire set on my first visit and they adjusted the portions from then on .

IMG_1404 IMG_1343

The night began with a chilled Chawanmushi topped with caviar and squid ink slushy.  The egg custard was smooth and silky combined with the icy cold slushy and saltiness of caviar took the game to the next level.

This menu was consisted of cooked dishes in majority, the toro, flounder and amber jack sashimi was the only raw dish of the night.
IMG_1348 IMG_1353IMG_1357IMG_1369
I gotta say there were a few dishes which never slipped from my tastebuds.  The Wagyu Gyudon, Unadon and the Prawn and tofu ball. The Gyudon was with truffle and  egg yolk mousse, you heard me right,  Wagyu, truffle and egg, only caviar was missing out on this luxy party.  Unagi was paired up with sticky rice which added extra chewiness to the dish.  This reminded me of the one I had in Kyoto, and I think I preferred this tiny bowl over the traditional unadon box which was a bit too much for me.
IMG_1367 IMG_1382
IMG_1386 IMG_1393
IMG_1373 IMG_1375

I didn’t like the grilled moochi Karasumi, however, all of my friends gave it a big thumb up. Karasumi isn’t in my scope at all, and I think it is too salty for my liking, may be I need a Karasumi tasting session to learn how to appreciate it.

IMG_1368 IMG_1388

Ken Anho is following the footsteps of RyuGin, so if you are looking for sushi and sashimi this is not the place to go.

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