Something fishy, taste of Ocean – Kushi Bar Ocean 漁串場

魚串場 Kushi Bar

Ocean Kushi Bar 漁串場

No 29, Lane 280 GuangFu South Road 光復南路280巷29號

02-2731 9755

Website (Click here)

You will never go hungry around Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall station, the alley ways never look the same with different restaurants and shops popping up here and there.  Joining the prime location is the new joint from Kushi Bar Group, this branch is differ from the other branches by serving mostly tastes of Ocean.  I can imagine myself having a fest of sashimi and sushi, but cooked fish ain’t my cup of tea. When talked about Yakitori the first thing that came into my mind was chicken skewers with egg yolk, fishes no where to be near.  I was astounded by Kushi Bar’s new member and this was a challenging one. On a Sunday evening, the restaurant was buzzing and we were lucky enough to get a seat by the bar.   Once seated they served us the chilled pepper edamame and handed us the menu.

魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar

Witnessing the flamed kitchen, brewing all kinds of skewers was mouthwatering.  However, when I stared at the menu, I kept asking myself “Are you sure you want to have this?” I ordered a few dishes that shouldn’t go wrong by it’s name.  For instant, the Cheese chikura (TWD $65/ skewer), it was just as promising as it sounded.  Deep fried with a crispy shell, inside was the bouncy fish paste tube stuffed with oozing cheese. Another one which was a never failing combo, if you love the raw ingredients – uni scallop sandwich ( TWD $160/ piece).  Uni and scallop can never go wrong as long as they were from a good source, a bite of it gratified my crave of my two favorite things.  It was a mouthful of sweetness and nothing fancy here just the scent of ocean.  The Yaki seafood balls (TWD $130) topped with mayo and mentaiko, the seafood balls were made from fish paste with chucks of octopus and cuttlefish.

魚串場 Kushi Bar魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar

I ordered the Geoduck clams skewer (TWD $75/skewer), since this is my favorite ingredient for hot pot. Not to my liking, the clams were a bit stink, guessed it was how it tasted like after cooked with not much seasonings.  Afterall, I like it raw or have it in hotpot.

The Capelin mentaiko (TWD $65/skewer) took a sharp turn, Capelin was one of the last thing that I would order.  The fish roe inside weren’t my top favorite, and I classified it as fish that has a very strong aroma.  Kushi bar took it to the next level, replacing it’s roe with mentaiko which added alot texture to the dish.  The fish were process and cook in the right way, so  you couldn’t tell that you were having Capelin.  The Pike mackerel (TWD $70/skewer) was another high note, I started to like pike mackerel when I first had it for sashimi.  Seriously, these fishes are weird they taste different when they are raw, or should I say they need to be processed the right way.  Pike mackerel had left an impression of it’s bitterness and hundred and thousands of bones, which is not my cup of tea.  This skewer changed my impression and did it’s justices by bringing out it’s sweetness and juiciness which were accompanied by the chives and onion.  Nothing fancy here, but credit went to the deboning skills and not even a hint of bitterness.  To finish off the meal strongly, here came the squid (TWD $65/skewer). The fresh squid was blanched and ice bathed to preserved it’s texture and crunchiness, with a squeeze of kumquat – heavenly.

We ended our meal with the semi-frozen sesame cream (TWD $80) it was very creamy and filled you mouth with the scent of sesame.  However, the brown sugar sauce ruined the entire thing, I recommended that you ask for the sauce on the side.

I would definitely go back to the Ocean Kushi bar again when I craved for a meal of fishes.

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魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar 魚串場 Kushi Bar

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