HowFun’s a lot of fun! – 好飯食堂

How Fun 好飯食堂

HowFun 好飯食堂

589, Rui Guang Rd., Neihu, Taipei 台北市瑞光路589號
31 Alley 280 GuangFu North Road, Taipei 台北市光復南路280巷31號 02-2731-3201
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HowFun is a very playful restaurant, they used a lot of colors for their decorations.  I always a big fan of Spanish tapas, not only it’s scrumptious but also it’s the a great night out for a group of friends.  Tapas are always full of choices and there must be something of everyone in the group, Sangria is another not to be miss item and it’s just for everyone, especially those who are not into drinking. The success of a a restaurant always depends on your front line staff, they are your biggest asset. During my meal, I saw that the staff here cooperated seamlessly and everyone helped out with the cleaning even the manager.
How Fun 好飯食堂 How Fun 好飯食堂 How Fun 好飯食堂 How Fun 好飯食堂 How Fun 好飯食堂 How Fun 好飯食堂 How Fun 好飯食堂
We had the Potato Omelette with Alioli (TWD 160) for starter, which wasn’t the omelette you found in ordinary restaurant but the spanish tortilla.  With simple ingredients: eggs, potato and onion, along with the alioil on top made the the perfect start of the meal.  The Deep Fried Calamari with Tartar sauce (TWD 160), calamaris were fried to just right and you could still taste it’s freshness with the lemon tartar sauce.  We surely can leave the place with a round tummy after the two appetizers we had.
How Fun 好飯食堂 How Fun 好飯食堂 How Fun 好飯食堂 How Fun 好飯食堂 How Fun 好飯食堂 How Fun 好飯食堂
HowFun has it’s paella in three different portion sizes, for 1, 2 or 4.  Since it was just the two of us, we ordered one portion of paella each, and found that we couldn’t even finish half of it.
HowFun doesn’t just do the old boring traditional chorizo and seafood flavors of paella, there are some interesting flavors like the Thai chili sauce and the sirloin steak with pesto sauce.
We ordered a Torched Flatfish Saffron Paella ( 1 -$420, 2- $760, 4- $1420), the flatfish was paired with a thin layer of rice which was cooked in seafood stock. The flounder/flatfish is high in cholesterol, this dish was quite greasy but yet the fish fillet just melted in your month.  HowFun didn’t put alot of extra seasoning into it, which brought you the entire sense of ocean with every single bite.
Thai Chilli Chicken Paella By Miss A (1 -$360, 2- $700, 4- $1360).  This one on the other hand, had transformed the traditional Spanish dish into a dish on the other side of the world.  The Thai flavor was so strong that created the illusion of dinning in a Thai restaurant.  The rice in this one was cooked with a poultry stock which made the entire the complete opposite to the flatfish one.  This was very flavorful and the Thai chilli sauce was a good match with the juicy fried chicken.
How Fun 好飯食堂 How Fun 好飯食堂 How Fun 好飯食堂
Food coma did’t just stop here, a perfect night out needed a perfect ending with dessert.  Known as being the most indecisive person in this entire planet, I struggled to choose between the rice pudding (TWD $80) and the cream brulee (TWD $80).  We ordered both, I would say they were worth it.  The cream brulee was very smooth with visible vanilla seed, TAP! TAP! TAP! cracked open the caramelized top, the crunchiness of this layer had a huge contrast with the smooth underlay.  It was my first time having a rice pudding, it was creamy and rich.  Rice pudding was made by slowly cooking the rice in milk and sugar, that was why for every grain was very milky, and each bite was luscious.
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How Fun 好飯食堂 How Fun 好飯食堂 How Fun 好飯食堂 How Fun 好飯食堂 How Fun 好飯食堂

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