A yummylicious magic show – Yellow Lemon Dessert Bar 大直黃檸檬

yellow lemon 黃檸檬

Yellow Lemon 黃檸檬

561 MingShui Road, ZhongShan District 明水路561號


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yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬

Yellow Lemon is infamous for it’s A-R-T, Scrambled egg and bacon ice cream and of course it’s celebrity chef – Andrea Bonaffini.  Situated in a prime location on MingShui Road, as an addition to the Angie Group.   I met Chef Andrea through W Hong Kong insider when I was staying there a while back.  He worked in one of the three stars restaurants – The Fat Duck and also the pastry chef of W Hong Kong.  Yellow Lemon has became my frequent hangout spot,  simply because it is just too convenient,  open till late and of course lots of good food.  Yellow Lemon adopted The Fat Duck’s spirit, it’s all about food pairing and muti-sensory cooking.  And yes, coming with it…  is the signature scrambled egg and bacon ice cream.  The dining experiences take us on a journey from visual to our tastebuds.

yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬

Even though, Yellow Lemon is a dessert bar, it’s savory items are finger licking good too.

The Vitello Tonnato (TWD $450) I had a few days ago, was just unforgettable and my first time of having beef with tuna sauce.  The slow-cooked veal tenderloin paired with tuna mayo sauce, it simply melt in your mouth.  I also tried the Foie Gras (TWD $420)  it was a combination of foie gras and apple chutney on warm truffle brioche, the switch between foie gras and apple was just magical.  I strongly recommended these two savory items.

yellow lemon 黃檸檬Vitello Tonnato (TWD $450) yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬

On the other hand, desserts are a bit hard to come up with a recommendation list.  I love them all, but for first timer with a party more than 4, I would say go for A-R-T. Yellow A-R-T (TWD 1800)is a table side food show.  Chef Andrea started off by drawing on the table with  his fruit sauces, red, yellow, green, black and white, then he will continue painting on his canvas with his chocolate robot, mojito pops, powdered macarons, nitrogen chocolate and etc.  It was like eating a master piece by Jackson Pollock.  If you have a smaller party, BK (TWD $450) is a must-try.  The signature dish – scrambled egg and bacon ice cream, serve just like your English breakfast.  Scrambled egg on toast with tomato sauce on the side, at Yellow Lemon your scrambled egg was nitrogen vanilla ice cream with a hint of bacon flavored; toast was a warm caramel brioche with a crispy shell; topped with maple bacon; berries and tomato sauce on the side.  The BK erupted your visual and taste perceptions and that’s Blumenthal’s flavor encapsulation.  The Crunch (TWD $380) is my other favourite, it was a playful version of mille feuille.  Instead of stacking them layers by layers, it was constructed freely in a bowl of tiramisu custard and fruit.  This wasn’t overly sweet and the three elements were a perfect match.  I also tried their Christmas special Panettone with caramel ice cream on Christmas Day.  It was one of the best panettone I ever had, however, the rum flavor was a bit too overwhelming and over take others.  To be honest, if I had it a year ago I would love it, but since my friend and I quit drinking it was a bit too strong for our likings.  The Chocolate (TWD$350) was really good too, with six different layers of Valrhona Chocolate.  Watermelon (TWD $350) was a combination of watermelon granite, white chocolate and the the most important ingredient – popping candy.  They also had festival cookies and treats, I bought a few gingerbread men and I loved the strong gingery taste.  yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬

yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬 yellow lemon 黃檸檬

Lastly, we finished off with a cup of Xie Xie lemon ginger tea (TWD $250).  From my first visit to my recent Christmas lunch, I found that their staff had became less proactive and not as knowledgable when it came to menu suggestions.  They actually had quite a few staff but they all looked busy, and remember to ask for the ipad menu if you want to know what the dish looks like. They used to bring you the ipad menu once you seated, but not anymore. If you are still juggling on your order, you can always ask Chef Andrea for some recommendations, I am sure that he is happy to help. Recently, they have a time restriction of 2.5 hrs when they are busy .  One important note though, I do not recommend this place if the chef is not around, as BK and ART ain’t available on top of this the food and service quality ain’t as good too.  My friend had experienced that on one late night.

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