Fashion item, cold pressed juice – JuiceIn Taipei


JuiceIn  (Facebook)

  35, Lane 151, Sec 4, Ren Ai Rd,仁愛路四段151巷35號

02-2751 7819

 Monday – Saturday   2:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Juicein Juicein

The one and only cold pressed juice in Taipei, they are hard to come by.  As you can see they only open for 5 hours and sometimes they are closed for travelings and events, be sure you check out their Facebook page before you head out for them.  Cold pressed juice in a stylish glass where you see people drinking them during fashion weeks, bloggers going on a detox every now and then, all these attractive vibrant colors and mostly they are better for your health, more vitamins, minerals and enzymes.Juicein Juicein Juicein Juicein Juicein

I tried their Cleanse 3 for a two days plan, they deliver freshly to your door every second day. JuiceIn provides three different detox plans they are: Cleanse 1, 2 and 3 . They cost $1200 per day and you will get 6 bottles of 500ml.

Cleanse 1- Beginners

Green juice x2, roots juice, fruits juice, citrus juice and almond drink

Cleanse 2 – Experienced

Green juice x3, roots juice, citrus juice and almond drink

Cleanse 3 – Expert

Green juice x4, citrus juice and almond drink 

Juicein Juicein Juicein
Juicein Juicein Juicein

All you do is to drink the 6 bottles of juices in 2 hours intervals, and bucket loads of water in between, its pretty filling and if you do want something  to eat go for veggies or fruits.  I don’t know was it the juices or something else, but i had this irritating rash on my neck for weeks before I did the detox and after i finished it disappeared after a day.  I guess it’s good to give your body a rest from all those artificial food we eat from time to time. Out of all the juices I tried I like the the Oghee monster the most and I actually asked for 2 Oghee and 2 green monster for my second day.  The Almond drink is fairly rich while the citrus juice is a bit hot and u can feel it burning up.

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Juicein Juicein Juicein Juicein Juicein

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