Restaurant or lounge bar? Your choice – LMNT 元素創意廚房

LMNT  元素創意廚房


LMNT  元素創意廚房

38 SongShou Road, XinYi Dist (Neo 19) 信義區松壽路28號

02 2723 0068

When Element drops it’s Es, it’s LMNT!  We had our girls night out here last week, after a long ride.  Originally it should only took us about 20 mins to get there, LOL but we ended up with an hour and a bit.  Though, the ride was long, we seized the moment and it felt like the old time when we had road trips back home.  Such an adventurous trip, guess we just wanna have fun or a getaway is much needed.

I used to club at the LMNT lounge bar and this was the first time I visited their restaurant.  Surprisingly, the place was brightly lit and spacious with ample of mirrors.

LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房

This could also be a perfect place for you and your homies to chill, chitchat and good food double wins.   For us,  we laughed our heads off the entire dinner, hopefully we weren’t too loud.  Girls just wanna have fun.

We set our eyes on the Italian Soda, on the sour side we ordered the grapefruit summer ($180) whereas the yellow kiwi is slightly sweeter.  Our Silly Sally was sipping away her drink, and she went I like the yellow kiwi but… but .. but.. it has soda in it. Our faces dropped and burst into laughter.  She made my day 🙂

Our first dish was Parma Ham and Melon with Homemade Fig ($280), the fig took me by surprise as it was marinated with a special sauce and it added a hint of sourness to it.  If you like Parma Ham I would recommend this.

Followed by the Kimchi SPAM Fried Wonton ($280) if I have to rank my favorite dishes of the night, sorry Kimchi and SPAM you are down at the bottom.  This was basically a fried kimchi wonton the SPAM was only a tiny weeny piece, this was a bit disappointing and wasn’t as wow as the others.  When I spotted Buffalo Wings ($280) on the menu, I was like I want this I want this.  “spicy or original?” All of us said in unison “SPICY!” The wings are too common for lounge bars and I have had some over fried ones before and also those swim inside the sauce.  LMNT’s was cook the way it should, and the meat was still tender and juicy.  Without paying attention, there was a mountain of bones in front of Dino I this proved Dinosaurs are meat eaters.   I liked the wings here, will definitely come back for more.

LMNT  元素創意廚房LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房

LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房For mains we ordered two Pizza kinda dish.  Kimchi Pork Pizza ($280)  was something you shouldn’t miss and it was no where near it’s twins at the pizza joint.  When the think crust and deep dish ain’t my cup of tea, thin and crispy crust for the win.  The kimchi went humorously with the extra cheesy, marinated pork and the crust, it gives the pizza most of its flavor and also a bit moist to it.  I gotta admit that I love it and my Dino once again she just couldn’t help herself from eating it.  It will be a perfect match with a cold beer.

Did I say I DON’T LIKE DEEP DISH??? But this one is the UFO deep dish  “hello.. hello… can you hear me, are we gonna land on Saturn soon?” If it can take me to outerspace why not give it a try.  We had  the Sicilian Seafood UFO Deep Dish ($320), this one you gotta eat it when it’s hot.  I quite like this one but not as much as the pizza though, there were plentiful of seafood inside the pie.   Even though it didn’t score as high as the kimchi pizza but I must say the meat sauce inside was da bomb.  We were talking about ordering the sauce along with the seafood and have it with nachos, ummm mouthwatering.

I would recommend all the dishes that we had today except for the deep fried wonton, but if you are a kimchi fans then why not.

Lastly, Miss Photogenic.  This Chestnut Berry Shell Éclair ($250) was a bit disappointing,  it looked yummilcous, once again it was the case of it’s book cover doesn’t match the contents. However, girls need something sweet all the time and a quarter of it wasn’t that bad.  It was on the sweet side and the chestnut and berry taste were a bit mild compare to the sweetness.

We had a great night, girls night out is always a good way to release some of the stress.

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LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房 LMNT  元素創意廚房 IMG_8802

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