Shhhhh, don’t tell dad !! We have the best Chirashi in town! – 瞞著爹三店




No.17, Aly.9, Lane 364, Sec.2, Bade Rd 八德路二段346巷9弄17號

Tue – Sun 11:30~15:00、18:00~21:00

This restaurant has been on my must eat list for a while, however, long queues and unexpected shop maintenance had been keeping me away.

After 4 attempts, I am here finally!!! HORRAY

It is located right behind Breeze Center, adjacent to it’s parking lot, kinda hard to find google map would be handy

The owner’s dad didn’t want his son to become a chef that’s why he has been keeping the restaurants as a secret.  I guess now it’s no longer a secret as his enterprise is growing bigger and bigger.  Four restaurants in Taipei and each serves different style of Japanese food

瞞著爹I – Omakase sushi     II – Robatayaki    III – Kaisen Don   IV – Grapefruit Shabu

You had to order you enter the restaurant, they handed you the menu while you were waiting. Dinning here had no such thing of sitting down and think about what you wanna grab for the night.  The menu is quite straight forward, Chawanmushi, Miso soup, Kaisen Don and drinks.

瞞著爹 瞞著爹 瞞著爹 瞞著爹 瞞著爹

The shop was fairly small and cozy so you won’t be able to spend hours in it.  We ordered a combination sashimi Kaisen Don(TWD $520), Chirashi($350), crab meat Chawanmushi($140),clams miso($60), Prawn miso($60), Strawberry soda ($100) and Rose soda ($100).  We have gone overboard with ordering and as you can guess, we could hardly finish them.

The Chirashi was my favorite of the meal the sashimi was fairly fresh and it came with seaweed for you to roast.  Loving it!

I recommend the steam egg, chawanmushi too, it was cook to perfect.  The egg just slide down my throat, and had a strong egg taste to it.

I will defiantly come back in the future as I think it is a place to grab a quick bite when you are by yourself.


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瞞著爹 瞞著爹 瞞著爹 瞞著爹 瞞著爹 瞞著爹 瞞著爹 瞞著爹 瞞著爹 瞞著爹 瞞著爹

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