What can I say ?? I LOVE YOU.. Muahhh – W Hong Kong

W Hong Kong - W 香港

1 Austin Road West, Kowloon Station, Kowloon, Hong Kong

(+852) 3717 2222


Stayed at W Hong Kong for my birthday weekend, and I was spoiled !!!

Upon my arrival at the hotel, I was greeted with a warm welcome and birthday wishes.  You guys made my day.

Long story short, clumsy me dropped my beloved iPhone down to the rail of the Airport express train and didn’t realize it until I was on the train.  I contacted MTR staff they said they can only get it when it’s home time for the trains. NOOOOO was my answer, I landed on the soil like 1 hr ago and u tell me I am gonna be phoneless for the rest of the day? I was whining to my friend, who works at W Hong Kong, and their SPG specialist and whatever whenever staff heard me and helped.  They managed to get my phone back within 1 hr.  Hands down Whatever Whenever!!

W Hong Kong - W 香港 W Hong Kong - W 香港

^W Space x I.T

Highlight of the whole trip was my Wowvelous  surprise birthday party, from my dearest friends to all the staff @ W Hong Kong seems like everyone knew abut my party, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!! I had a fabulous time and I love you all.Preparing a surprise party wasn’t an easy task all these emails going back and forth, even the general manager wanna meet me I think she was gonna meet upon check-in but I got carry away with my phone.

I was upgraded to the Fantastic Suite just like last time, a room that was spacious enough for me as I wasn’t expecting myself to spend much time in it LOL I ended up in the room for my entire trip.

After checked-in I quickly freshen up and prepared for day number 1 of my busy schedule. While I was in my room, I had different welcome staff called and asked me random questions for the entire time and I was like humph.. I am very busy.  Later on, I found out that it was my friends wanting to decorate my room so they gotta make sure that I am not in.

When I returned to W after dinner my room was filled with my beloved friends, helium balloons, Hello Kitties, my latest love Moët Rosé Impérial, presents and cake.

W Hong Kong - W 香港 W Hong Kong - W 香港 W Hong Kong - W 香港 W Hong Kong - W 香港 W Hong Kong - W 香港 W Hong Kong - W 香港 W Hong Kong - W 香港 W Hong Kong - W 香港 W Hong Kong - W 香港 W Hong Kong - W 香港 W Hong Kong - W 香港 W Hong Kong - W 香港

Party rock is in the house tonight
Everybody just have a good time

Party till late and I was up at 9:30 for the all-you-can-eat dimsum at SingYin for breakie, went up to Wet for a walk.  It would be perfect if the sky was blue 🙂

Later on, I had another family party and this time W Hong Kong prepared a slice of cake and some pressie for my little cousin who shares the same b’day with me. Thanks W insider and Welcome team.

W Hong Kong - W 香港 W Hong Kong - W 香港 W Hong Kong - W 香港

On my actual birthday, whenever and wherever I went everyone wished me “Happy birthday!”.  I had breakfast with my best friend, and followed by a lovely lunch with the W Insider.  She told me all about my surprise party and how frustrated she was when I cancelled my Bliss spa appointment, keep changing the name of my guest, being bitchy towards the party organizer since she was safeguarding my privacy and her little trick on sending me a personal email asking about my stay.  Wahahaha I am sorry Bliss spa and SPG service center if the W Insider was giving you a hard time.

Girl, you always makes me laugh, and LOL I will send you some 無老鍋 next time.  Time flies when you were having a nice long girls talk, and that concluded my stay @ W Hong Kong.

I am so gonna make it to Bliss Spa for my next stay and keep rocking, W Hong Kong

Love y’all xxx

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W Hong Kong - W 香港 W Hong Kong - W 香港

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