Food delivery in style – Foodie’s Express 饕客送

Foodie's Express 饕客送

Foodie’s Express 饕客送


When you are doing over-time at work, have you ever dream of having a nice meal at your favorite restaurant?

After a long day of work, don’t you wish that you have some scrumptious late night snack waiting for you at home?

Ever sick and tired of ordering from all the fast food chains??

Foodie’s Express is what you need.  The first week into the new school year, work is never-ending along with  all the pressure and stress.  All I want is sit down and have a yummylicioius dinner, which is impossible since I leave work around 9 or 10 at night.  Foodie’s Express made my dream came true.

Foodie's Express 饕客送 Foodie's Express 饕客送

Photo^ from Foodie’s Express Facebook page

Foodie’s express offer delivery service for a wide range of restaurants from local beef noodles place to luxury teppanyaki and western food include: Butter, Diners, Ben Shabu, Dressed, Chen Chilled noodles, Lin Dong Fang beef noodle, Granny’s Tempura,  Tun-Shan and the list goes on.

I have ordered from Foodie’s Express for a few times as you know, I am a lazybone and it’s hard to get me out of my door.  This thing is easy peasy, just go on their website or call them directly and order whatever you feel like that day.  They will give you a confirmation call if you ordered online.  Basically they will charge you $120 for delivery within XinYi, Daan, ZhongShan areas, which cover most of the places in taipei city without crossing any bridges and tunnels.  If you live a bridge away from the main piece of land they will charge you $240, which I think is still cheaper than taking a cab to and from the restaurant.  Usually it takes less than an hour for your order to arrive at your door, but the last time I ordered at my school it took 1.5 hrs 😦

I ordered from Ben Shabu hehe^^ typical me.  I had Sashimi Rice Bowl and Salmon Salad, I do agree with my colleague that the portion seems to be a little be small. For me, anything decent was good enough.  Gulped down the whole thing in no time.

Foodie's Express 饕客送 Foodie's Express 饕客送

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