Goodbye Melbourne – Stamford Plaza Melbourne


Stamford Plaza

111 Little Collins St., Melbourne

+61-3 9659 1000

Stamford Plaza (Auckland)  used to be my favorite hangout back in the days in Uni, their club sandwich was the best companion for my best friend and I while we were on study break.

The stay at Stamford was an accident as we were purpose to stay at Blackman for two nights.  Stamford Plaza was the one and only five stars hotel which was available for the night, and it’s located on Little Collins Street, a few blocks away from Westin.  Stamford is slightly older than Blackman and Westin. We stayed at the one bedroom suite, and it had a little pantry.  We didn’t spend much time in the room anyways and after our Lush bubble bath we dozed off into our sweet dreams.  Try not to get the rooms next to the emergency exit as they could get a little bit noisy since their staff go in and out through there.  Like most of the hotels in Melbourne they don’t provide dental sets and NOTE that they sell you the Colgate toothbrush and toothpaste here, but not a free amenity.

can’t wait to travel with my sisters again!!! How about Singapore this year??

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