Wow!!! What a speechless stay – Marvelous suite @ W Taipei Part II

Marvelous suite Part I (click here)

My love for the “W” brand started here and it ends here. I was sick and tired to notify the management team everyday what surprises my room had given me.

W Taipei W Taipei W Taipei W Taipei

Day 2

I was greeted by the W insider and their Director of Rooms at Woo Bar while i had my breakfast, we had a long talk.  When I returned to my room that day the sinks were sparkling clean, a tea set from Yen was waiting in the lounge and a huge Gummy Bear arrangement on my bed. I do prefer the salami and cheese plate more than this tea set, anyhow thanks for the compensation for our missing welcome plate.

W TaipeiW TaipeiW TaipeiW TaipeiW TaipeiW TaipeiW TaipeiW TaipeiW TaipeiW TaipeiW Taipei

Day 3

Typhoon hit Taipei so everyone stayed in the hotel.  We headed down to Kitchen Table for our breakfast, and there were queues everywhere.  Queue waited to be seated, queue for  food, queue for egg station and queue for people complaining why they needed to sit over at Woo Bar.  It was obvious that they don’t have enough staff to handle the guests they have in the restaurant.  Jams and spread area was empty when I was hoping to have a Nutella toast.  I stood in front of the french toast tray for 10 mins just to get someone to refill the maple syrup, and I ended up telling one of the waiter that I want some syrup but couldn’t manage to get the chef’s attention.  In addition, a big mixed up for my aunt’s mushroom and chives omelette, it came in as a mushroom eggroll.  They offered to make her another, and she ended up with a mushroom, chives and ham omelette.  I don’t really understand this at all, they had a waitress stood there for order taking and all she had to do was to tick off the ingredients and put the table number on.

Food wise, I still love their ice-cream and their large selection of veggie.  Since I had only had the Sunday brunch at W Hong Kong, it wasn’t fair to do a direct comparison.  My uncle and auntie highly recommended their noodles bar while my little cousin loved their steam egg. I was surprise by the way they make their hot chocolate, basically it is Toblerone and hot milk nom nom 🙂

W Taipei W Taipei W Taipei W Taipei

W Taipei W Taipei

W Taipei W TaipeiW Taipei W Taipei W Taipei W Taipei W Taipei W Taipei W Taipei

W TaipeiW Taipei

Since it was typhoon day, my uncle headed back to Le Meridien while we went back to our room.  We were surprise to see a stylist was styling our room, I told him in Chinese that could he come back later to finish it off , since we will head over to LM in the afternoon.  “I only have to do the towels then it’s done, don’t need to come back in the afternoon.”  I let him put in fresh towels and later on I found out he didn’t refill my coffee capsules, no new towels for the guest bathroom, didn’t refill the cotton balls and makeup remover and he put a set of small travel size Bliss amenities but not the big bottles for suites, on top of that I want a new set of bed linens too. He claimed that he finished with it, the new part-time talents W employs all have an attitude.

I was running a temperature that afternoon and instead of staying at LM, I decided to head back to W and ask them to style my room again while I had a nap on the sofa, this time they had a team of 4-5 stylists to style my room and the finish product was what I call a clean.  When I woke up, I found a leak by the window and though it might not be serious so I gave it a wipe.  30 mins later, it was a big puddle again so I gave W insider a call and have her to come look at it and immediately she offered to block another suite for me incase they couldn’t fix it.  I said no to the move as I had all my stuff out and it would be hard to move everything.

W TaipeiW Taipei

Day 4

I was out the entire day, and once I went back to the hotel their Welcome AM said he had been waiting for me for the entire day , coz he was the one I contacted a month earlier telling him what I want for my room and everything.  He helped me alot during my pervious stays and he knows me well, basically he explained everything to me.  Once he learned that I was late for the dinner reservation and my two little cousins were still napping in the room, he offered us dinner @ Yen.  He got us a table, ordered the food and made sure everything were smooth, in the mean time, he popped up to Yen from time to time.  This was the only time that my uncle wan’t complaining but complimented on the Peaking Roast Duck.  The entire dinner was nice and pleasant with a team of proactive staff, even though we were asked “Is everything OK? ” for more than 10 times throughout the dinner, this was why I used to like W Taipei as everyone was so helpful and friendly.

W TaipeiW TaipeiW TaipeiW TaipeiW TaipeiW Taipei

After dinner at Yen everyone was in a good mood.  Unfortunately, when we went back to our room we found that the new duvet cover was torn.  A five stars hotel suite and they gave us an old and ragged duvet cover??? Are they that short of money???

W Taipei

Day 5

Our last day at the hotel, I was hoping for a good day since the sun was out.  The Kitchen Table was way quieter than the typhoon day, food trays were all full and the table side snacks were back.  Everything were impressive before the incident with my omelette, I ordered it when I arrived.  I waited and waited until my aunt and uncle’s eggs arrived and they ordered after me (around 15mins) , but still no sign of mine.  When I asked the waitress she said they were making mine.  10mins later, she came back and said “I just want to confirm what filling did you order?” Comeon, if you were making mine then why you come and confirm my order 10 mins later, and why couldn’t you just admit that you sent it to the wrong person or you didn’t make mine.  Just when my egg arrived, the air con above me started to drip, what a good way to start my day.

W TaipeiW TaipeiW TaipeiW Taipei
W Taipei
W TaipeiW TaipeiW Taipei W Taipei W Taipei W Taipei

We had a swim while Mister Sun was out.  Just a few hours before checkout, we had thunderstorm in Taipei and our room was leaking again!!!!

I called the Welcome AM and he came up personally to have a look.  He said he was very sorry and speechless with my room’s condition.  He wasn’t as bubbly as the day before and I could feel that he didn’t know what to do to, and he did want me to walk out the door happily.  When I told W insider about the leak and my duvet cover, she said “I am speechless.”

What an unbelievable stay!!! My all time favorite becomes the least favorable on the list, even though they were still mentioning that I should have my birthday at W Taipei they will make it as memorable as last time.  Sorry, W Taipei I will make a pass this year, and it will be a surprise me W Hong Kong .

W Taipei

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3 thoughts on “Wow!!! What a speechless stay – Marvelous suite @ W Taipei Part II

  1. Pingback: Marvelous Suite is not too marvelous after all – W Taipei Marvelous suite Part I | PattyLuvTravel

  2. All the problems you experienced don’t seem that big of a deal. The leaky window seems like a little nuisance and you could have just put a folded up hand towel from the bathroom to soak up the drip. And sure the rip in the duvet is odd, but I’m sure it’s just that the maid didn’t think much of a little rip or didn’t even notice it; anyway, a quick call to housekeeping surely would have remedied the problem. A busy/hectic dining room during a typhoon warning is to be expected.

    Overall, it seems like the staff were willing and trying to make your stay a pleasant one and that’s what counts. I’ve had hotels were the staff basically just shrugged at my complaints and were very reluctant to do anything.

    Your post actually makes you seem like a spoiled diva–you only want a room on the 30th floor facing so-and-so? Um…okay. Just try to think of others when you start to think you are entitled to everything.

    • I totally agree with you and did a self reflection. It’s my job nature to pick on all the faults in customer service even a tiny dust on a mascot or a piece of trash behind the sofa, sorry to be so bossy. I know I sounded like I am the queen that I required such a room, but as a Platinum member and staying with a Lifetime Platinum on such occasion I think the purge and benefit of being so loyal to Starwood hotels and W Taipei in particular (we stayed over 70 times on this property, plus i had a head up with their front desk AM a month prior ) wasn’t a big ask.
      thanks for your comment and I will be more cautious about such blog post in the future
      P.S. i wasn’t complaining about the busy breakfast session but just the egg station.

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