Maru Cafe – a hidden gem in DaZhi

Maru Cafe

Maru Cafe

B1 Kireikan,  575 MingShui Road, ZhongShan Dist.

02 2533 0189

Maru Cafe Maru Cafe

Kireikan located on the intersection of the MingShui Road and LeQun 2nd Road, in there you can find Happy Hair salon, Wellcome supermarket, some restaurants and cafes as well as the famous bakery Le Goût.

As usual, I went to Happy Hair for my monthly hair spa early in the morning and I decided to have my lunch at Maru Cafe.  I walked pass this cafe all the time but had never give it a try.

Maru Cafe Maru Cafe Maru Cafe Maru Cafe Maru Cafe Maru Cafe Maru Cafe Maru Cafe

On a Saturday afternoon, it was so quiet in the tiny mall but yet it was busy at Maru Cafe, waffles, coffees, orders from the salon and massage place.

They have a large selection on coffee, no kidding … 2 pages of coffee.  My friend ordered her Vanilla Latte (TWD $160) while I am trying out the Melon Chocolate (TWD $160).

The Melon chocolate took me by surprise it had a very strong Melon flavor and which went harmonious with the chocolate, the wipe cream was smooth and milky.  My first sip of melon chocolate and I will never forget what it tastes like.

Maru Cafe Maru Cafe Maru Cafe Maru CafeWe ordered Tuna Salad Sandwich with Honey Mustard (TWD $180)  which came in a big big portion, I doubt that one can finish this whole thing.  It had lettuces loads of it, tomatoes,  and sprouts… the egg salad which came with it had a hint of mustard flavor.

img Maru Cafe Maru Cafe

Our dessert of the day was the mango overload waffle (TWD $200). This scrumptious waffle had a big blob of ice cream and tones of mangoes .  The sweet sweet mango in Taiwan is definitely a highlight compare to those tasteless ones I used to have in New Zealand.  The mochi.  It was my first time trying out the mochi waffle and love it.  It remained soft and chewy even when it was cold.

Maru CafeMaru Cafe Maru Cafe Maru Cafe

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