A trip to New Taipei City- Garden H 客家小館

客家小館 Garden H

客家小館 Garden H

No. 22 Zhìguāng St, YongHe永和區智光街22號


客家小館 Garden H 客家小館 Garden H

This nice chinese restaurant with mediterranean style interior was actually sever kinda Hakka and Shanghai cuisine.  I was taken to this restaurant because I lived in the district for a wee while and my dear friend said this is one of the very popular restaurant in the area.  Reservation is  a must for this restaurant I remembered that we tried to have dinner/lunch there for quite a few times but it was full house.

The location of the restaurant was a bit hard to find as it was secretly located in the residential area.  However, a precious germs worth some work, isn’t it.

客家小館 Garden H 客家小館 Garden H

Since it was just the 3 of us, we choose 2 appetizers.  The first one was minced pork stuffed in green pepper (TWD $200), the green pepper wasn’t as spicy as I had imagined and the minced stuffed inside was still tender.  It was really good and I couldn’t help it but had one after one. The Braised silver carp with spring onion was a bit dry in the inside but still good, couldn’t compare to the one I had in Shanghai.

客家小館 Garden H 客家小館 Garden H 客家小館 Garden H 客家小館 Garden H 客家小館 Garden H 客家小館 Garden H

The signature tofu(TWD $150) was a blast, inside the rough jacket was the smooth egg tofu hidden inside, this dish was a must to go with their veggie rice here. I think I can do with just the tofu and the rice 🙂

The signature pork (TWD $350) was unbelievable good, nothing fancy but you could tasted what a piece of pork should taste like.  Back to the original is always better than overload with MSG and seasoning.  The tenderness and juiciness of the slice of pork was unstoppable.

I did find the stir fried cabbage (TWD $250) a little bit too greasy, but that’s what you get when you eat out, so no complaints.

Last dish was the Hakka stir-fry (small TWD$ 250, large TWD$500).  It was my first time having this dish and heads down thumbs up.  A strong aroma stir fry dish with pork strips, dried bean curd, squid and celery.  I was told that the original version doesn’t have celery but adding it in did the trick.

To wrap up, we had the honey glazed Taro since I am not a big fan of taro I had a piece to try.  It wasn’t overly sweet and tasted really good kinda like taro ice-cream.


A yummylicious  lunch with a good friend and her mom what else do you ask for 🙂

客家小館 Garden H 客家小館 Garden H

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