The Glamorous Fantastic Suite – W Hong Kong

W Hong Kong W香港1 Austin Road West, Kowloon Station, Kowloon, Hong Kong

(+852) 3717 2222

W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港

W is one of the fastest developed hotel chain in Asia two years ago with only W Walkerhill, W Hong Kong, W Taipei, W Bali, W Koh Samui and W Maldives, now the big family have a few new comers W Singapore, W Bangkok and W Guangzhou. << GZ  n Singapore delayed their openings so I missed out on my trip there, ended up staying at Westin Guangzhou. I wish I can stay there very soon.

W Hong Kong created lots of talking points and everyone raved about this hotel when it first opened.  The hotel is in  Elements (shopping mall) and on the same site with their new competitor Ritz Carlton which is the tallest hotel in Hong Kong.  W is easily assess to by Airport Express and if you have lots of luggages don’t forget to ask for the greeting service at the station.  W located in Jordan area with is the neighbor of the shopping hub – Tsim Sha Tsui and W provides shuttle bus services to the major shopping malls in TST.

W provides refreshment drinks and fruits, I still find it funny to have “W” stickers on my Granny Smith “An apple a day for your W stay”

w hong kong brunch w hong kong brunch W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港W Hong Kong W香港

The common area in W Hong Kong was designed By Fabio Ongarato Design Team from Australia using a lot of modern technology and abstract artworks.  I realized that some of the status or art displays are actually different from my last stay. The Welcome desk was located in the middle of Kitchen and Woo bar (ex Living Room) and the SPG desk was in front of Woo Bar.  W Hong Kong had an special service called SPG specialist which is an unique service to the SPG guests.

Upon my arrival on the 6th floor I met the W insider from Taipei she is now working for W Hong Kong had a long talk with her then she introduced me to the new service SPG specialist.  For my stay that night I was upgraded to Fantastic Suite  2601.

The evaluator area in W was decorated as a library, it was kinda irony to how Hong Kong people only read magazine and travel guides.  The room number here was displayed on a book, I want one for my home too.

W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W-Hong-Kong-W香港19 W-Hong-Kong-W香港17

The Design team in G+A used black and yellow for the wall in the glamorous fantastic suite. The suite was about 65 square meters wasn’t really that big compare to other suites in the hotel chain but since it’s Hong Kong every minimeter worth a bucket of gold. The lounge had a 6 seater with a stunning harbor view of the Yau Ma Tei Typhoon Shelter side of Victoria harbor.  I enjoyed my welcome fruits there, a nice view of the polluted Hong Kong.  W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港They used B&O, Bose and a 52″ LCD TV  in the room alongside with a DVD player and ipod dock to play your favorite music. Just like the others they have Nespresso in room for you to use came with 4 different capsules.  It had this cute little bamboo dim sum container from Sing Yin.

W-Hong-Kong-W香港18 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港

The tiny work tabel had all the stationeries you need, this was the first hotel that I came across with provided highlighers, rubber bands, cellotape and stabler.  Thanks W Hong Kong for paying attentions to the details.  Needless to say that, I was happy to see the WISH kaleidoscope in my room, I love it so much but my sister said no when I wanted to buy it in W Walkerhill.

W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W-Hong-Kong-W香港16 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港

The bedroom used the B&O system.  The King size W singnature bed with the pillow top mattress did the trick. I was snoring away didn’t even noticed that my friend woke up and went for work.  It had a tiny wardrobe which was abit too small for a suite, in there were the bathrobe, extra pillows, iron, slippers, safe.

W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港

The bathroom was big and with all the things you needed.  The bathtub and the shower were in the same cubicle, you could indulge yourself with a nice bubble while you watched you favorite drama on the 20″ tv. W provided you the bath salt and a Scrub-A-W-Dub; the Bliss products in suite are in 120 ml bottles.

I was pleased with the room overall and was good to see some old friends.

W Hong Kong W香港 W Hong Kong W香港

The handle of the bathroom door was abit loose, as a top notch hotel W should had paid attentions to the hardware too.

I wanted to extend my stay when I checked out,  but it was well passed the 24hrs room guarantee for SPG platinum member and the hotel was fully booked, so no luck in extending.  AND AND AND

I didn’t get to go for my favorite Bliss Spa since it was fully booked for the four days I was in town, Oh it had been 2 years since I last set my foot in a Bliss Spa.

I can’t wait till my W Taipei stay 🙂


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