Yum Cha with Family – Sing Yin @ W Hong Kong

Sing Yin 星宴

Sing Yin

1/F W Hotel, 1 Austin Road West, TST

(+852) 37172848


During my 4 days trip to Hong Kong, I managed to have Yum Cha with my dear family.  We have chosen W Hong Kong,  it’s hard to believe that the Chic hotel has a dim sum restaurant.  Sing Yen is the first dim sum restaurant in the W chain, the restaurant didn’t fail W’s modern and hip attitude.  Black marbled floor, the city street scene of Hong Kong, LCD fish tank along with the unique Chinese art pieces, that’s W.

Sing Yen not only provides A – la – carte menu as well as the dim sum buffet on the weekends. Not wanting to have the dim sum buffet, I double checked with the whatever / whenever agent when I made the reservation.  When we arrived the restaurant I was told that my reservation was made under the Kitchen instead of Sing Yen!  The wait staff told us that it was quite full that day she would try to accommodate us.  I was sure that I asked for Sing Yen when I made reservation and I mentioned about the Dim Sum buffet, how could he made it for Kitchen?

Not long after we managed to get our table and it was closed to the washroom as I had my grandmother with me that would be convenient for her.

Sing Yin 星宴 Sing Yin 星宴 Sing Yin 星宴


The menu was designed by Chef Bryan Lee and promoted a health yum cha style with less oil, salt and sugar.  Chef Lee was famous for his fusion cuisine along with his 30+ years of experiences all over China, he provided W – Sing Yin with an one an only menu.

Sing Yin 星宴 Sing Yin 星宴


Sin Yin provided their signature XO sauce (HKD $180 / bottle) and a small plate of chilled beef cubes. The beef cubes were cooked with a special soy sauce and you couldn’t help to have one after one.

星宴4 Sing Yin 星宴 Sing Yin 星宴 Sing Yin 星宴 Sing Yin 星宴


The BBQ kurobuta pork had became my favorite, out beaten the BBQ pork from Lei Garden.  The pork was tender and juicy, at the same time it wasn’t overly sweet or fat, everything was just right.

The poached bean curd skin rolls with shredder pork in spotted garoupa soup (HKD $56/3pcs) was surprisingly yummilicious  the soup had a very rich flavor to it with gave extra points to the bean curd rolls.

The Signature shrimp dumplings (HKD $56/3pcs) was just average but you could tell that they used fresh ingredients in the food.  For this I still prefer The Square’s, their shrimp dumplings were still the best out of all the ones I had.

Like other hotel restaurants you can actually order your dim sum in pieces so that’s way more convenient as you can order just right for your party.

The highlight of the meal was the dessert plate, a complimentary from the Assistant manger for the mess up with our reservation.

Mango glutinous roll, sweet walnut soup and a pastry with perserved egg.  I loved the mango roll which was the perfect combination just like my favorite one from Lucky dessert at Sham Tseng.

For SPG members out there, when you dine at Sing Yin remember to show your card to get 15% discount.  Wish that next time when i’m in town, I get to stay @ W and try out their dim sum buffet.

Sing Yin 星宴 Sing Yin 星宴





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