Lunch date at Kishoku

樂壽司 Kishoku

樂 壽司 Kishoku

5th floor, 38 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay , Hong Kong

(+852) 28930333

My best friend was very excited about the opening of this sushi bar, the day we went was the frist day of it’s soft opening.  Not surprising, during lunch hours the sushi bar area was filled with customers from Sushi Ta-ke.  Sushi Master Do along with few others from Sushi Ta-ke opened this new sushi place.  The renovation of this place were modern with high ceilings which appeared to be more spacious than Sushi Take and it had a rather brighter colour theme.

樂壽司 Kishoku 樂壽司 Kishoku 樂壽司 Kishoku 樂壽司 Kishoku

A seat at the sushi bar was a must for a sushi lunch.

We ordered the deluxe lunch set which was around HKD $350 and in its top notch quality.

The whole set consisted: salad, 10 nigiri , 1 handroll, steam egg, miso soup and dessert.

樂壽司 Kishoku 樂壽司 Kishoku

The nigiris were supberly fresh and I wish I have them in front of me now.

The light flavored Striped Jack nigiri started the show, it was superbly fresh and with it’s unique taste.

followed by the Botan Shrimp with grapefruit peel as a prawn lover, this was completely my cup of tea the crisp shrimp with the tint of grapefruit went well together. I could do a few more.

The yummylicious Cod fish was accompanied by the white truffle sauce, the fattiness of cod fish with the white truffle was a perfect match.  I wasn’t a big fan of cod fish but this was soooo good.

The Grilled Right Mouth Flounder’s fin sushi had a clean flavor and a firm texture.

樂壽司 Kishoku 樂壽司 Kishoku 樂壽司 Kishoku 樂壽司 Kishoku

The Toro trio bought the first high light of the meal

We started off with the light flavor toro, this was indeed a very good quality toro at a sushi bar.  Closely followed by Toro with sesame and soy sauce this marinated Toro was surprisingly good as it brought out the Tuna’s flavor with the sesame.  Last but not least, the unltimate Otoro, this was the fattiest piece and melt in your mouth, Divine!

樂壽司 Kishoku 樂壽司 Kishoku 樂壽司 Kishoku

My favorite Uni, look at this overflooded Hokkaido prime sea urchin  the picture spoke for itself, it tasted as good as it looked.

After this ultimate goodness, here came their miso and steam egg. the egg was as good as before

樂壽司 Kishoku 樂壽司 Kishoku 樂壽司 Kishoku

樂壽司 Kishoku

The signature “SaraLee” sponge cake egg duo the original flavor was my thing, however not the improved one, cooked with the fish and prawn stock.  My friend didn’t like it too, great minds think alike 🙂

Woahoo here came uni oozing out again for this price getting two uni nigiris definitely worth the money wasn’t it.

Rounded off by a Toro chives handroll, very filling but it was as good as the others.

Last up the refreshing grapefruit sobert, cleared your taste buds after this ultimate taste journey.

One downside though, since it was the first day of soft opening the place wasn’t really ready for business.  But will go back for lunch on my next trip, missing the sushi already.

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樂壽司 Kishoku 樂壽司 Kishoku 樂壽司 Kishoku 樂壽司 Kishoku 樂壽司 Kishoku

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