The Superman Ramen – Rasupermen

rasupermen 超人拉麵



Shop 1203, 12/F, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay


(+852) 2881 5006

Rasupermen is owned by the owner of the Michelin one stared – Mist restaurant.  Mist closed it’s door not long after it received the prestigious recognition and it remains to be the one and only ramen store who achieved such award.  The owner closed Mist’s door after their culinary advisor went bankrupted in Japan.

Rasupermen located in Hysan Place, the heart of central Causeway Bay which not only has the 2nd Apple shop in Hong Kong, but also the first oversea flagship Eslite Bookshop.  Honestly, like other newly opened shopping mall in Hong Kong, I found that their layout is pretty hard to understand.  The restaurant is up on 12/F alongside with other eatery, first you would need to take the elevator up to 10/F where Eslite bookshop is then you went through the crowded bookshop and found your way to the escalator.

rasupermen 超人拉麵 rasupermen 超人拉麵


The shop was a completely turn around in terms of style, Mist was all white and elegant looking while Rasupermen is spacious and more on the Japanese style.

I LOVED the table mat, the recognizable superman signature crossed over with ramen, that the way where innovative ideas came from.

I ordered Miso Ramen (HKD $88), when it comes to ramen I always like it a little bit harder than usual.  When I posted that request, the waiter immediately informed that their ramen were cook like that already.  On the side we ordered half boiled egg (HKD $15) and crispy chicken wing topped with 7 flavor chilli pepper (HKD 60)rasupermen 超人拉麵 rasupermen 超人拉麵 rasupermen 超人拉麵 rasupermen 超人拉麵


Not to my liking the ramen was still a bit soft and the soup base was too salty and had a generous amount of oil to it.  The ramen came with one big slice of pork but this pork was too soft and I couldn’t even hold the whole thing up in one piece without it breaking into pieces.  The eggs on the other hand were pretty well cooked, and the exact way I liked my half boiled egg.

Suprised surprised that the crispy chicken wings had an unique flavor to it which was sour, sweet and chili   If the crispy chicken wings could b even crispier than it will be perfect, as it gotten a little bit soggy with the sauce on it.

we finished the dinner off with the Royal tea Ice cream and this was the dish that I liked the most

rasupermen 超人拉麵


This creamy Royal tea ice cream with a strong flavor of tea topped up with the evaporated milk became the new milk tea flavor ice-cream.  I think I will come back to the restaurant just for the sake of this dessert.



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