Dinner with a spectacular view – Yen from W Taipei 紫艷中餐廳

W Taipei - Yen W Taipei Yen

Yen  – W Taipei 紫艷中餐廳

31/F 10 Zhongxiao East Road Sec. 5, Xinyi District



Had dinner here with my friend’s mom, I dined at the kitchen table quite often but this was the first time at Yen – the Chinese restaurant. It is located up on the 31st floor of the hotel over looking Taipei city.  Thanks for the help of the A.M. we got a window side table and we could enjoy the night view with our Fusion Chinese dishes.

Yen’s menu was designed by one of the pioneer chef of blending the classic and modern chinese dishes –  Jereme Leung from Singapore, he was awarded the Five Star Diamond Award from The American Academy of Hospitality Science in both 2000 and 2008.

W Taipei Yen W Taipei Yen

W Taipei Yen

We had Edamame as one of the cold dishes on the the W decorated plate, they mixed it with olive oil and some pepper and spices, which gave the edamame a hint of spice to its’ original flavor.

We also ordered the cool drunken chicken with shao xing wine jello $420, the chicken itself was tender and yet juicy but I was overwhelmed with shao xing wine jello, having it with the chicken it actually bought out the flavor of the chicken.  A great combination indeed.

The vinegar-cured jellyfish and black fungus salad $ 380.00 we ordered was just a normal cold appertizer you would get in a Chinese restaurant compared to the drunken chicken this was nothing special.

W Taipei Yen W Taipei Yen W Taipei Yen W Taipei Yen

For mains we had my favorite honey-glazed barbeque pork neck$ 480.00 but compared it to the BBQ pork that you get from HK, it was nothing like those.  For me I love the traditional bbq pork that you get from the local stores in hk.  Although Yen used pork neck the muscled  and full of flavor cut of meat, which was nom but not something that I would go back and reorder.  Needless to say that it came with a candlelit grill which kept the meat warm while it was on the table

steamed giant garoupa, star fruit, house special sauce$ 480.00 this came with a single portion which was perfect for us since that one of us doesn’t eat fish.  I had never had cooked starfood and the giant garoupa combination left me speechless.

sautéed cabbage, black fungus, celery, sakura shrimp flakes$ 380.00, this was just a normal dish that you will get in a chinese restaurant not really fascinating about it.

W Taipei Yen W Taipei Yen W Taipei Yen W Taipei Yen

Dessert time  –

I was drooling for their famous egg tart since I had it from room service long long time ago, it was hard to find a decent egg tart in Taiwan but Yen had it just right. In addition, the custard bun with salty yolks, not to care about the calories in this dish…yummylicious.  This runny custard bun is my all time favorite when I go to YumCha, in my perspective as long as it’s runny then it’s divine.

W Taipei Yen W Taipei Yen

I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you do have an important date or you want to eat with Taipei under your feet.  The price is a little bit pricey but if you take the services and view into account, its worth what you are paying.


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