Ben Shabu with it’s new name 犇.和三味

犇 和三味 Ben Shabu


No.2, Lane 102, Sec.1, Anhe Rd., 安和路一段102巷2號


Ben Shabu closed it’s door temporally for renovation and reopen recently with it’s new concept, new name and new interior.  Ta-Da grand opening gonna be tomorrow and I just couldn’t help myself to come try out their new menu.

犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu

They had put in two teppanyaki tables for it’s new menu, I wonder can we do shabu and teppanyaki at the same time???

犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu

Basically the Teppanyaki table looks exactly the same as next door, but next door has one table in each room whereas this one is open area.

犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu

Our appetizers : French Gillardeau No.2 oyster came with lemon and vinegar – crème de la crème french oyster no.2 is a relative small oyster but comes with more vibrant flavor, my favorite size in the Gillardeau range.

Seared Wangyu Ox Tongue : in medium rare, very tender and juicy comparable to Dawan’s standard, Ben is really stepping up to be the wangyu expert.

犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu

our second course:

Hokkaido Giant Scallop: Hell ya to this, scallops all the way. This was cooked on the Teppan and the broth was scrumptious, oh oh oh reminded me of the abalone from Ben Teppanyaki.

King prawn with honey mustard – a yummylicious dish I can never say no to a king prawn. the two made the perfect couple LOL i mean king prawn and honey mustard.

3rd Course: Where did it come from?? I didn’t remember I ordered the fish??? or is it my short term memory ??? alright i think this was cobia with caviar and veggie – sorry I am very bad at identifying fish.   seared Okra and yam were definitely me thing, i think they put a spell on the tomato since it tasted extraordinary. Not forget the white asparagus ummm but not my cup of tea.

犇 和三味 Ben Shabu

4th course: gigantic nigiri sushi, nom nom… extremely fresh yellow tail(>> hope I got it right) seared sushi. LOOK at that piece of eeeeeeeellll !!!! that was toooo big to fit on the sushi.  Seared salmon was always the bling.

犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu

Main time

we had Prime rib eye and Sirloin steak, according to my friend good beef you should have it in RARE!!!! arghhh no no for me I can only do medium, claiming to be the newly wagyu expert in Taipei. Ben had always have the finest selection of beef, juicy tender and I loved the Rib eye.  Next time gonna try their signature Wagyu.

犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu

finished off with the Veggie, I don’t really like beanspout so we changed it to cabbages. As always I found the veggie too oily on the teppan can we have shabu veggie next time???

soup we had the seafood broth in teapot style and ox tail cream soup, sorry but ox tail isn’t my thing.  Seafood broth was just as good as the other dishes .

犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu 犇 和三味 Ben Shabu

dessert dessert!!! how could you have a prime meal without dessert??

Chocolate fondant cake was just as good as before and the cream brulee  a frozen one?? ummmm I wasn’t too fond of it, i am going to stick with my beloved chocolate fondant cake next time.

Ben my favorite place to go, and i had already have  meals lined up in May and in June YEE HAW that’s mean I get to come here every month YAY!!! My Hong Kong friends gotta love this place, don’t let me down please please please !!!!

But yea, I don’t quite understand the name change ?? was it because no one do shabu in summer so they need to put in teppanyaki in this restaurant ?? but if I want teppanyaki why don’t I go next door ??? question mark question mark??

Oh and i need to remember to try out their Wagyu beef nigiri sushi how could I forgot about it every time i walked into this restaurant???


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