Shaffer’s kitchen – a 5 stars dinner


Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚

Shaffer’s Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚

No.5, Lane 42 YiXian Road XinYi Dist. 台北市信義區逸仙路42巷5號




Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚 Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚 Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚 Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚


Need to say I am crazy about this restaurant, went there twice last week. If Dawan is the must have Japanese, Dazzling Cafe is the must have dessert cafe, Shaffer’s Kitchen is definitely the must have Western restaurant.

Howard and Jennifer Shaffer are the owner of the restaurant, Jennifer is the CEO in the kitchen while Howard is a good PR, the two of them make such a good team.

This hidden gem is located in a quiet alley way that’s around 7 mins away from MRT City hall Station, they put their actual address on their facebook No. 16 Lane 50 (haha don’t even try looking that up because the entrance is invisible).

At the entrance there are a herbal wall where Jennifer picks her herbs while she cooks.

Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚 Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚

up on the shelves are all the dry fungi and the pickles that Jennifer makes.

we ordered dinner sets – ranged from 680 to 880 include main and three appetizers, you can add $100 to get a glass of house wine and dessert.

Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚 Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚

First, we were wowed by the soft bread rolls as they were just freshly out of the oven and went completely harmonious with the balsamic vinegar paste that came with it. I was tempted to have more but there were more to come.

Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚 Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚 Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚 Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚 Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚


Goose liver Pate on baguette I didn’t try this one but my friend said it tasted way better than what you can get from the supermarket and the truffle on top was given in a generous amount.

Napoleon of Tomato and Mozzarella BAM it was the best best best tomato mozzarella combination that I ever had. Tomato, basil, mozzarella, olive paste and honey basil dressing (<;<; not sure if i get the dressing right) I was like dancing in heaven.

Sweet Pea Bruschetta the green pea cream was surprising fresh and light, the baguette was slightly toasted.

Roast pepper soup with a rich creamy texture this was really filling and I was pretty full after this, with the exact texture and colour as the pumpkin soup my friend tried it and she went isn’t it just like pumpkin soup?? With someone who missed my mom’s homemade soup I fell in love with this straight away.

Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚 Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚


The kind and generous chef – Jennifer offered us to try out her pink lemonade and gougeres. Needless to say the pink lemonade is a superb drink for the upcoming summer, looks like this the second item on my to-learn list (dying to learn how to cook the perfect risotto). That was actually my first time having gougeres and nasturtium, I don’t think I have ever tasted them back in New Zealand. I think it was filled with goat cheese and the nasturtium did the kick, the whole thing was just scrumptious nom nom nom x10000000000.

Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚 Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚 Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚 Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚 Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚 Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚


Pan seared duck a must try main for everyone the duck was cooked just right and the special cranberry sauce did the magic and brought the whole thing to the yummylicous.

The cream corn was well made and brought out the sweetness of the corn, I am drooling over this now……and and and the sundried tomato tasted so different to the ones that you get from the supermarket. I wished I can spread them on a pizza base and made it into my favorite sundried tomato pizza.

The traditional chicken cordon bleu, it was baked instead of fried haha I guess it was less fattening but still managed to get a crispy skin. the chicken was juicy but couldn’t really taste the pama ham and once again the white wine cream sauce was the king of the champion.

Sirloin steak with the special green sauce was a little bit disappointing as the steak was overcooked it wasn’t as juicy as we expected, may be next time when we order we need to mention that we want it to be medium. The green sauce was very special and went well with the steak.

procini pot roast comparing the two steaks this was actually better. They offered a very special side dish on this plate – arrow root I had never seen one before that day. It has this crunchiness to it but it had a hint of bitterness to it. At first we thought it was a specially made potato.


Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚


Shaffer's Kitchen 雪飛詩歐廚

we concluded our meal with the chocolate coated orange zest, the orange zest was candied before it coated with dark chocolate.

I have a lot of to -eat items on my list: mushroom risotto, seared scallops with angel hair are the two that I have to try .

I need to hit the gym and go on a diet before I  visit Shaffer’s Kitchen again.


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