Rahdesign cafe – a cafe with good coffee




Rahdesgin cafe

Rahdesign cafe

No1 Lane 9 DaZhi Street, DaZhi中山區大直街9巷1號




Rahdesgin cafe Rahdesgin cafe


This is a cafe opened by three top baristas  in Taiwan.

Not only have good coffees and I reckon the meals ain’t bad either strongly recommend the waffle with moochi.

Rahdesign used to be quiet and I could spend my afternoon there with a good book or my Macbook.  They provides plugs and Wifi like most of the cafes in Taipei.  With its growing popularity it becomes more crowded and the noise level climbs up as well.

Rahdesgin cafe Rahdesgin cafe


Their lunch set comes with soup / salad and a drink, dessert only cost $30 more.  We didn’t get our dessert this time as they have forgotten about it :(.

I ordered Chicken Fungus Risotto, their risotto is a must try the texture was just right not too soggy like most of the Taiwanese restaurants.

My friend had Macaroni cheese, it was a bit too cheesey and rich.  I can only manage to slurp down half of it.

Rahdesgin cafe Rahdesgin cafe Rahdesgin cafe Rahdesgin cafe Rahdesgin cafe


Here comes my favorite coffee hazelnut Latte and my friend order Lychee Liqueur Latte which is good too. double thumbs up for their coffee.

Rahdesgin cafe Rahdesgin cafe



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