Not even a three stars hotel!

Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店

Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店

100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong 香港數碼港道100號

+852 2980 7788

The worst stay at a 5 stars hotel ever, even the cheaper brands in Starwood are way better than this so call 5 stars less than 10 years hotel.

I stayed there for a night and since that my best friend live at BelAir and Le Meridien is just 5 mins away I choose to stay here rather than my usual W Hong Kong.  Unlike Le Meridien which adopted a simplistic design HK Le Meridien has this colourful lighting on their check in counters.  I paid extremely expensive rate on this hotel at the very night I stayed $3100 + 15% HKD, for this price I can stay at W hong Kong or Sheraton Hong Kong why needed to stay at this isolated hotel.  Oh well, may be not so isolated, it is located about 20 mins taxi ride from central and the hotel does provide a shuttle bus.  The first oops by the hotel was that I noticed that the sofa had trash on it and the newspaper were not neatly stacked when I walked to the waiting area of the hotel before check-in. 2nd Oops. I was told that the hotel was fully booked and I got allocated a room on the 6th floor and it is a corner room even though I emailed the hotel beforehand that I do wish to have a quiet room near the elevator.  3rd Oops Am a SPG platinum guest and had always request for a higher floor and I was told that the two SPG floors are all occupied by their platinum guests, WOW  a lot of their platinum guests like this hotel and occupied TWO floors.  4th Oops, I carried a heavy bag with me and none of the day dreaming staff offered to help with the bag, they were standing there doing absolutely nothing.Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店 Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店 Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店 Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店 Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店

5th Oops, had never walked in one of the hotel corridor that was this stuffy before, I guess they were trying to save their electricity bill on air conditioner, then why charge me $3100HKD for a room.  Not even a four points by sheraton standard.

Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店

the star indicated my NEAR the Elevator room which is the end of that particular corridor, I hated to stay at the corner room except for W hotel’s Cool corner room.

the room does have nice view overlooking the south china sea

Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店 Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店 Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店 Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店 Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店

I don’t really understand this art piece why did it has to cover part of the mirror and it looks weird to hang it in this position.

Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店 Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店 Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店 Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店 Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店 Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店 Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店

They don’t use the heavenly bed from Westin, sweet sleeper from Sheraton nor W signature mattress, my cousin had backache resulted from the night sleep at Le Meridien.

I vaguely remembered that the hotel wasn’t really that old but it has visible aged evidence, so I doubled checked with the front desk and they claimed that the hotel is around 8 years old and they had recently refurnished.  The room had a bump in the carpet near the door and a visible crack in the shower, and you tell me it has just been refurnished.

Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店 Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店

after an hour I went back down to the lobby to wait for my best friend to join me for dinner at the hotel.  Looking at the sofa and table at the waiting area the newspaper and the trash  were still there, no one had attempted to clean it up during the hour.  We went to the japanese restaurant as the chinese restaurant was closed as it had a wedding banquet and we could go to the bar with my friend’s baby.  We were told that the restaurant was fully booked and there weren’t tables for in-house guests either then we were asked to sit at the bar area with my friend’s one year old son.  after we refused they suggested that we sat outdoor and they offered us insect repellent, LOL this was the first time a hotel offer their guest insect repellent instead of lighting up repellent candles.  At the end of the day, my friend’s one year old son got bitten all over him. downside of sitting outdoor is that it took you a long time to try to get a waiter to attention as they were not as attentive as expected.  Last Oops from the hotel was that they have smoking levels and I do seriously think that they did not clean their air circulation system regularly.  Whenever I get back into my room I started sneezing and my nose was all blocked up to solve this I actually have to have this noisy air purifier plugged in for the whole night.  I think this was the first and ever hotel which gave me nose allergy with my stay in the room.  I didn’t sleep the whole night as I just couldn’t stop sneezing even with the air purify, it just managed to ease it a little bit but not cure it.  I don’t really understand why on earth would i pay $400 USD to get myself suffered for the night and the staff didn’t really help.

Le Méridien Hong Kong 數碼港艾美酒店

Do NOT go to this hotel, it doesn’t even worth $700 HKD / $90 USD, I am truly disappointed in the Le Meridien brand even some of the Starwood Category 1 hotels like Four points by sheraton or Aloft are better than this one.  Their staff didn’t provide up to value services, this was the worst service I get since I have been staying with starwood let alone that I am now a platinum member.

3 thoughts on “Not even a three stars hotel!

  1. Dear Pattyluvtravel

    Thank you for taking the time to review our hotel. It is regrettable that your stay with us did not meet your expectations. I would like to apologize for your experience and please be informed that we have been in touch with you personally to rectify the issues. Meanwhile, please feel free to reach out to me at if you have any further questions.

    We look forward to welcoming you back in the future.

    Best wishes
    Sugus Ho
    Executive Assistant / Manager – Projects
    Le Meridien Cyberport

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