Osteria by Angie 大直店

Osteria by Angie

No. 61, Lèqún 3rd Rd, Dazhi 中山區樂群三路61號

02 8502 7733

No33, Lane 280, Guangfu South Road 光復南路280巷33號

02 27110385


Always wanting to try out this celebrity Italian restaurant and their Dazhi branch located just  around the corner from where I am living.

Osteria by Angie Osteria by Angie Osteria by Angie Osteria by Angie

It was a quiet evening and only 3 tables of customers for the whole night, therefore, they had overwhelming number of staff standing around since they have nothing to do.  Oh well, it actually provided some privacy for my friend and I, we were the first one in and last one out..

Osteria by Angie Osteria by Angie Osteria by Angie

I loved the texture of their bread! NOM to go with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  We then ordered one zuppa de pesce  and the waiter immediately asked do we want them to put it in two dishes.  HOLA this is what I call service!! This seafood soup had alot of ingredients in it and it did come in a big portion (note: it is half portion in the photo).  I felt like scallops so we had capesante e asparagi it was seared scollops served with white asparagus and orange sauce.  Scrumptious!  Exactly how I wanted my scallops to be cooked.

For our mains we had Tortelli al porcini and Quattro Funghi Pizza. The tortelli were stuffed with mushroom and cooked with tomato sauce and king prawns, I loved their home made tortelli.  Perfecto !

The pizza we had was topped with four different kinds of mushroom and mozzarella cheese, it was my first time having purely mushroom pizza and it was just my type of thing. I gulped down half of the pizza in no time.

Osteria by Angie Osteria by Angie Osteria by Angie Osteria by Angie

To end, we had their famous Tiramisu and we requested to have the cocoa powder on the side since my friend doesn’t like chocolate.  Not bad but not my cup of tea, will try their homemade gelato next time.

A decent meal and heart-to-heart talk with a good friend.  That’s life

Osteria by Angie

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