Ben Shabu 犇極鍋物 – my favorite chill out in winter

犇極鍋物 Ben Shabu

Ben shabu 犇極鍋物

No.2, Lane 102, Sec.1, Anhe Rd., 安和路一段102巷2號

2703 2296

I can’t believe how often I come to this place, lost the count but looking back at my calender looks like I’m there every week.

Ben Shabu located next to

Ben Teppanyaki 

last year the owner renovate the used to be VIP rooms into this luxe shabu restaurant.

Most of the hot pot place in Asian have a strong soup base which overpower the amour of the indigents. For Ben Shabu they adopt the Japanese style dashi stock (kombu & Katsuobushi) which can bring out the true flavor of the luxury ingredients.

犇極鍋物 Ben Shabu 犇極鍋物 Ben Shabu 犇極鍋物 Ben Shabu

they have a few choices for appetizers, for me steam egg with truffle rulz

犇極鍋物 Ben Shabu

They provide great table-side services, basically all you have to do is put the food into your mouth and that’s it.

犇極鍋物 Ben Shabu

their fresh looking vegetable platter, thumb ups for it especially the fish cakes and tomato.

犇極鍋物 Ben Shabu

犇極鍋物 Ben Shabu 犇極鍋物 Ben Shabu 犇極鍋物 Ben Shabu 犇極鍋物 Ben Shabu

look at the meat, drooling… and the shrimp paste is another must have .

Their waiters come help you cook most of seafood and veggie and leave the meat for you, may b I am a slow eater so from time to time they come and help me with the meat too.  According to their beef tastes the best when it’s medium which is bloody true.

犇極鍋物 Ben Shabu 犇極鍋物 Ben Shabu 犇極鍋物 Ben Shabu 犇極鍋物 Ben Shabu

lastly, they turn the soup base to porridge.. this this this leave me speechless no matter how full I am ……. divine.

犇極鍋物 Ben Shabu 犇極鍋物 Ben Shabu

I loved Ben Teppanyaki before I discover Ben Shabu, or may be should I said I didn’t go back to Teppanyaki after the incident on my friend’s birthday.  Ben Shabu provide top notch food and service.

A must go in Taipei after DaWan Yakiniku


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