Sufood vegetarian restaurant

Went to this chain veggie restaurant because my friend was on a vegan diet.

330 BaDe Road , ZhongShan Dist. Taiepi



舒果 sufood舒果 sufood










The meal here comes in set with bread, appertizer platter, soup, main, dessert and drink just for 398

I do think it is a bargain for all these food especially in such a good quality and with the exceptional services that you will get from this place

舒果 sufood


Rosemary Benoiton – any bread that serve warm taste pretty above standard as long as they are not hard as rock.  They came with this yoghurt dip which I’m not fond of it as it is too sweet to go with the bread I think olive oil is a better option.





舒果 sufood


Konjac tomatoes
Bell peppers Shuilian
Blueberry yam

I love the yam it goes well with the blueberry sauce, thumbs up



舒果 sufood舒果 sufood






can’t really exactly remember what soup it was but it is somewhere along the line green pea mushroom soup.

rosemary mushroom with mashed potato… oh my the potato is filling and I can’t really finish my main but I do love the mushroom… very juicy and fresh.

舒果 sufood




apple pie to end the meal I prefer home made pie way more than this thing… not bad coming from an asian restaurant…




Will definitely come back again it worth the price that you are paying.


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