dressed – salad bar


No. 169 Ānhé Road Section 2, Dà’ān District, Taipei安和路二段169號

(02) 2733-9393        http://www.dressedsalads.com.tw/

My favorite salad bar – Dressed is in Taipei at last 🙂

I tried it during it’s soft opening it was brilliant just feel like the old days in Hong Kong

the location is a plus for me as I alway wander around AnHe Road and Shanga-ri La hotel waiting for my tutoring class.

The green, white and orange interior is just like the one in IFC.








I indulged myself with the Vegetable Garden Salad that day since I was on my detox day and requested to have the dressing (iceberg with avocado) on the side.  This salad was actually topped with Grilled asparagus but asparagus is not my thing so I requested to have grilled portabella.  The portion was huge so I ended up taking home half of it and finished it for dinner for the price of 2xx can fill you up for two meals, not bad aye :p

you can actually addon the soup of the day or a drink for $80

I love their cream cheese with macaroni soup

I will defiantly go there every week before my tutoring along with my good book a great place to chill out before my intensive classes on Wednesday and Friday.

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