Spicy hotpot on a hot summer day

無老鍋 wulao

Wu lao guo 無老鍋

市民大道三段143號 143 ShiMin Boulevard Sec. 3   02-27317927 / 27317928

新生南路一段124號 124 Xin Sheng South Road Sec. 1  02-3322-5529

This hot pot place belongs to the Tripod King group so no doubt it is another queuing up place, bear in mind that reservations should be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

無老鍋 wulao 無老鍋 wulao IMG_1075 無老鍋 wulao

The tea that they provide has a hint of ginseng to it. not my cup of tea :p

無老鍋 wulao 無老鍋 wulao

As usual we have the spicy soup base as well as the “ice cream” tofu base, the white soup base has white miso in it and it comes with the special “ice cream” tofu per head

無老鍋 wulao

They come on an ice plate and the waiter immediately put them into the tofu soup .

無老鍋 wulao

After 15 mins……

Ta Da!!!! it is super soft and feel like a warm ice cream (huh, sounds wrong)

無老鍋 wulao 無老鍋 wulao

Escalope of liquid flavored pork – this is one of the chef recommended dish but not my thing at all.  the pork itself is very tender and juicy and yet very fattening too.

無老鍋 wulao

hand made calamari balls my all time favorite hot pot essential.  This taste better than the ones they have at Tripod King and many other hot pot places.

 無老鍋 wulao 無老鍋 wulao 無老鍋 wulao

Lastly, of course the veggie but only mushrooms this time.

Defiantly recommend this place!!!! I like it more than Tripod King and needless to say their duck blood and tofu are not to be missed.

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