Superbaked customized cupcakes

Superbaked cupcakes

As we go on we remember, all the times we had together.

It’s graduation season again, knowing that my very first batch of students are moving onto elementary school this year very proud of them and yet miss them a lot.

My first teaching year in Taiwan had been very rewarding since this is my first time living all by myself in a foreign country.






















The Cupcakes that we made for our kids from superbake were mouth watering









However, as you can see they were all  melted on this hot summer day.  Plus, the delivery man was sweating hard out after he conquered the 5th floor.  I reckon it will taste much more better if we freeze it a bit. I had tried out the Salty carmel and the Choc Rama.  The banana cream on the top have such a strong amour of banana and it definitely go with the chocolate cupcake base.  Superbaked’s cupcake reminded me of home and plus they were not as sweet. *thumbs up*






















Everyone can’t wait to get their hands on this unique cupcakes and lots of people ask where did we buy this innovative gift.  Thanks Superbaked !!! Making our graduation mini gift so memorable this year.



Our YS cupcake has a rich chocolate flavor even with the big icing star on top it taste just right.  I put my in the fridge overnight and it cool you down on this hot summer day.


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