Birthday Dinner at Kermadec, New Zealand

We recently bought a deal online for $89 for two people for a six course meal. (I must admit, the mention of six course meal just drew me in plus the menu did look amazing!). My sister’s birthday was near and thought it would be a great idea to use the coupon.

Coincidently, my sister’s birthday was on Mother’s day, thinking surely the placed would’ve been fully booked by then but we were lucky and got ourselves a table.

Kermadec is a seafood restaurant and is located next to Auckland Viaduct harbour, overlooking a beautiful view. I’ve dined here before and the seafood is the freshest. (take a look at the website for more on the menus)

Upon arrival, i was disappointed by their first impression. No staff came forward to seat us while we were left standing there awkwardly. After 5minutes or so one of them noticed and we were finally seated.

The restaurant is dimly lit, not too dark but dim enough to set a very comfortable mood.
(Table setting at Kermadec)
As we informed the staff that we were dining with the coupon, i assumed we would just be asked which main we’ll like and be served food. However it startled me that they made menus and we took our time reading the descriptions for each course.
You could choose between two choices of mains and desserts.
The first course was my sister’s favorite bread- ciabatta.
Handcrafted ciabatta with House made Macadamia Dukkah & Simunovich Olive oil.
I’ve always enjoyed bread and dips before my meal.
I especially loved the macadamia dukkah, the mixture of nuts and seasoning with the olive oil was amazing.
After we polished off the bread (2 baskets for the 4 of us) we were served our second course – Half dozen freshly shucked oysters
Since it was still a deal we didn’t think they would serve oysters this BIG.
They were fresh, plump and juicy. Even my sister who doesn’t like oyster had a second helping.
Our next course was Garlic prawns. Each dish had around 8 huge prawns.
If you’re like me who like prawn tomalley then you’re into a big treat. Each prawn head had large amounts of it.
This dish could probably be served as a main instead of an entree.
The sauce was yummy and we couldn’t help ourselves but dip our second servings of bread into the sauce.
After the third course i was already beginning to feel quite full, but we still have yet to eat the main and dessert!
For the mains there was a choice between
market fish with pomegranate, lemon, walnuts and parsley
(the walnuts mixed with pomegranate and lemon was very refreshing. The fish was crispy and fresh. I loved the walnuts in this dish)



Kermadec Surf ‘n’ turf Eye fillet with scallops and Cafe de Paris butter


(The eye fillet was cooked perfectly to what i desired, medium rare. The sauce was too strong in my opinion. However the large scallops on the side -which i loved, was crisp and fresh)


Out of the two dishes I love the fish one better, especially the sauce which matched perfectly with the fillet.


On the side we were also served scallop potatoes and seasonal greens.
I haven’t seen such long stalks of brocoli before. They were sprinkled with olive oil and garnished with almonds.


I don’t think I’ve ever like eating my veggies this much. These were freshly crunchy.


While the brocolli was amazing, the scallop potatoes disappointed me the most out of the whole meal.
Maybe we were just too full to eat more, but these were a bit too heavy with the cream and cheese on top.


However, the potatoes were cooked to my liking
(half raw, still with that crunchiness).


But we just couldn’t eat this.


Lastly, my favourite course of any meal- Desserts!
There are two choices
 Kermadec Chocolate Mousse, 70% dark chocolate mousse, white chocolate sauce, chocolate miroir, milk chocolate ice cream and biscuit on the side.


I love dark chocolate.


The highlight of this dish would be the mousse which was dark rich yet not too overpowering. I couldn’t stop myself from devouring it all.
The ice cream and biscuit was more like what you normally get, nothing too exciting about that.


Vanilla Crème brûlée, poached tamarillos, caramel popcorn and fejioa sorbet.


I often associate Crème brûlée to be creamy and heavy.
Hence after such a full meal i wasn’t really wanting to dig into this.


However to my surprise, this dish not only was refreshing but i could eat more than one of them. The Crème brûlée was made exceptionally well. The top being crunchy and sweet while the custard base was not heavy yet still had the creaminess to it.
The fejioa sorbet was refreshing, it was strong in fejioa flavour and gave a wonderful finish to my meal.
Caramel popcorn is one of my favourite snacks, however these brought me disappointment. They weren’t really crunchy and was overly sticky.
Out of the two dessert choices I preferred the Crème brûlée, however in my opinon the caramel popcorn and poached tamarillos could’ve been left out.


Overall, this meal has left us all with a big belly and satisfied smiles on our faces. For the price of the meal, this has definitely lifted the bar for many other restaurants.


If you enjoy dining at places that serve large yet delicately seasoned dishes and uses the fresh ingredients, i would suggest you give Kermadec a try.


On a side note, throughout our meals I have noticed waiters don’t pay detail attention when tables needed their glasses filled especially as it gets later at night. It was difficult trying to ask them to serve our desserts towards the end of our meal around 10.30pm.

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