Anzu tonkatsu restaurant 杏子日式豬排店

No doubts, this is a very popular resturant at Hankyu

Anzu tonkatsu restaurant 杏子日式豬排店

reservation can be made at the Daan & Nanjing branches.

I had attempted to line up for this restaurant for a million of times and can never managed to get in.  Every single time when I get out of the MRT station walking pass this restaurant made me wonder why is it so popular.  I arrived around 5ish that day and put my name down, was told to come back around 2 hours… @@ OH my 2 hours!!!! OKie fine i’ll go do some shopping.

Starving starving starving….








Menu to die for, was gonna go for the summer special with the grapefruit but I had no idea on how to eat this half grapefruit with the tonkatsu in a restaurant and didn’t wanna to get all messy so decided on the most original choice. 

After you order they will serve you with the sauce for the tonkatsu along with the refillable cabbages, as a veggie lover i think i had refilled it like 15 times. 

First of all, you need to grind your sesame to get it’s amour to its utmost then you add in your tonkatsu sauce.  Ta-Da all ready to roll just waiting for the Tonkatsu to arrive.

i have pork tenderloin ($250 small, $290 med) this time and my friend had the summer special with chicken ($330)  with the overwhelmed spring onion I count myself lucky that I didn’t order it as I don’t eat those

I had tried pork belly ($250 small $290 med) last time when I dined with my sister, I like the tenderness of the pork belly more.  We also ordered Oyster last time it was around October and I would said the oysters were good (thumbs up!!).  The meal comes with miso soup and rice and man the rice they have here are superbly good and for a noodle person like me finish off one bowl of rice and still wanting more, is very unusual which made my sister asked “r u really really sure you want some more?” *nod nod*

the almond tofu dessert is another thumb up would recommend it if you are ok with almond, however the ice cream in salty flavor is not my cup of tea.

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