Cozi burger

This was my first burger in Taipei


No.223-2, Jinhua St., Da’an

It was on a hot n humid Saturaday afternoon and I felt like staying home after all the parties during the week.  I arrived at Cozi Burger around 3 ish and lucky to find a free table there.

This was completely my style of a lazy afternoon I was still reading my Hunger Game Trilogy.. Having my first meal at 3 and walked all the way here from home, my stomach urged me to order my meal.

from the menu they all look mouth-watering and I wanted something greasy and fattening since I haven’t had a decent burger for so long.

At last I put my money on the Philly Cheese Burger which has cheese, pepper, onion, mushrooms, finger crossed, it better be good.

for a combo you can choose two from the followings: soup, onion rings, french fries, drink.









First up mushroom soup, it was straight from the can, however, it was just too lumpy they should have put it though a sieve after they mix the butter, milk and flour.  As a first dish that I tasted, it disappointed me straight away.

Honestly, it was a bit too greasy but look at the melted cheese.  Who cares about calories









They used Aussie beef here which was a taste closer to home, on the other hand, the beef patty was just a little bit over cook.  I like it around medium-well, it was still juicy but yet very beefy in a way.  The melted cheese with onion was just right even though I would add in tomato next time.  The sauce you can choose between spicy and normal, I had the normal sauce this time.

They have free wifi in the shop, a shop to recommend to spend your afternoon.  will defiantly come back to try out other burger when I have another craving but no to the mushroom soup.

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