Akumacaca – a cafe with personality

Came to Akumacaca for a coffee break on a sunny afternoon.  The name of this cafe reminded me of Hakuna matata from Lion King, haha “no worries !”

106台北市大安區四維路14巷6號  B1樓

No. 6, Lane14 Siwei Road Daan Dist.







It’s a cosy cafe and held different exhibitions from time to time.  I spent my whole afternoon here with my good book, since it was a weekday afternoon the place was extra quiet.









They tried to make everything unique to this cafe. Akuma is the name of the interior design company’s name which is located on the 1/F, and later on the owner wanted to make good use of the basement that’s why he opened up AkumaCaca.

They used this tilted glass for water, this not all there are more to come.









This was the most innovative design of coffee cup that I have ever seen.  I was told that this was design by the owner and asked a factory to make it specially for them and each set has its own number.  My cup of the day was No. W023, you must be wondering where is the handle of the cup. TA-DA









It was specially designed and look at the saucer and the bottom of the cup, the cup wasn’t flat at all so you wouldn’t be able to put it on the table.  Even when you put it on the saucer you needed to put in on the right angle that it was designed, otherwise, you will spill the whole thing.  Enough about the design, the coffee I ordered was Mochaccino I like the portion of chocolate, milk foam and coffee, they were just right.  However, the caramel  syrup on top made the whole thing a bit too sweet.  






I ordered the home made scone to go with my Mochaccino, the scone itself was a bit too dry.  Nonetheless, to top it up I got to eat it with cream YES!!! CREAM!!!! In Taipei they generally provided you butter to go with your scone.  I missed my wiped cream scone sooo much so for two scones I used two plates for whip cream.  Accordingly to to the waiter the jam was homemade too I had this blue berry jam for that day it is a bit sour but a perfect combination with the scone and cream.  Bravo!!






The scones came on a “L” shaped plate which is quite unique.  You must be thinking what this pink thing is??? It’s actually their name card they designed it by drawing the map on the card and cut it out, every now and then they will change the colour too.

This cafe is definitely worth the visit, will surely return some day.

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