Ben Teppanyaki – delicious food hiccups in service

IMG_0778 IMG_0769



No. 2 Alley102 AnHe Raod Sec. 1


Went to Ben Teppanyaki for my friend’s birthday dinner, haven’t been here for so long and the place had an renovation looking more modern now.

1st hiccup was that I made reservation on FB and it has all been confirmed and when we got there yesterday we were told that they couldn’t find our reservation.

At last we sat down and placed our order.  Due to the fact, that I don’t understand some of the dishes name in Chinese and my friend doesn’t eat both beef and fish that took us extra long for the ordering.  This made me really piss about this meal as I had told them our situation beforehand.  At last it was all sorted out.

Here came the warm bread… Opps, did I say warm it was more like cool which made it a little bit hard.  I love my bread with this tomato salsa side, it taste just like the tomato basil dip but just more watery and with tomato chunks in it.

IMG_0747 IMG_0745

IMG_0749 IMG_0748


our appetizer was escargot in a cream sauce it was mouthwatering.  Haven’t had escargot for ages miss my favorite French restaurant back in Auckland, St Tropez when will I get to visit you again.



next up is the mushroom soup according to the waitress, to me it looked more like a mushroom cappuccino with black truffle.  Luckily, that I ok with black truffle now I still remember when I was younger I used to hate it so much with its unique aroma.  If not I would be very piss that the waitress mislead me.



since my friend doesn’t eat fish I was gonna change my fish of the day to scallops, too so she wouldn’t feel like the odd one out.  However, thank you to the finest service they served me this.  As you can tell from the picture that this fillet begin to cool so I didn’t get to taste it while it was sizzling hot as I was still on my soup when it was ready.

IMG_0753 IMG_0754


This was my favorite dish for the meal, the fresh abalone danced on your tongue along with it’s special mustard sauce.  I would said this was one of the best abalone dish I had every had.

IMG_0755 IMG_0756


From the photo it is clear that I  haven’t even made a start on my abalone but my grilled Foie Gras was waiting silently on the teppan (iron griddle).  After we gulped down our abalone, we hurried to try out our Foie Gras sadly it was cold already I forced myself to swallow down two bites of this oil chunk  and could take it anymore.  I do understand that it would be easier on the cook if he cook the same dish altogether, nevertheless, he should also pay attention to his guest’s progress.  I didn’t think this kind of attitude was acceptable in a fine dinning restaurant as we are not talking about a teppanyaki restaurant at the night market.



Parma ham with melon this was no match to the parma ham I used to bring for lunch in Hong Kong.  I remember I used to go to Elements to buy a pack for parma ham and asked my maid to slice the melon and put in a separate box.  Due to that you can’t put these two together for too long. That was always the best lunch to bring to work.

IMG_0763 IMG_0765 IMG_0761


Our mains for the day, my friend was having Kuroge pork loin and I had their sirloin and short ribs reprise.  It didn’t surprise me like it used to be and reminded me of how much I missed the wagyu beef from Dawan.  I was too full to take another bite as we stormed through our dinner I guess this is the asian way of eating as they are always in a hurry.  After the chef finished cooking all the mains he took his bow and said thank you.  Wait a minute where was my fried rice??? I ordered a single portion of fried rice to share with my friend, while we were wondering the waitress came back again with this ridiculous question “Can you still stuff in your fried rice since I don’t think that you can finish it that’s why the chef didn’t cook it” What a CARING waitress and I would said it was none of your business whether I could finish it or not.  I came here for the fried rice and I do want to eat it, stop coming up to me with a nonsensical excuse.  The chef returned and cooked our fried rice for us then another hilarious thing happened a waiter came in with the birthday cake I brought in its box.  I gave him this puzzled look as in you expect me to eat it now and while it was still in the box?? I told him to save if for later and he insisted to take our drink order then.



the fried rice to die for, but according to my friend Yen at W hotel does a better job than Ben so there are no more excuses to come to Ben anymore.

We headed off to the dessert area, I was expecting to have my cake and my coffee and tea once we sat down.  Once again my birthday cake came with its box and two forks.  NO knife, NO plates.  I guessed it was because Ben was not a BYOC (bring you own cake) restaurant but when I mentioned on FB they didn’t tell me that I shouldn’t bring a cake?!?

IMG_0772 IMG_0775


after 30 mins we had our cake we had our dessert, but where were our tea and coffee, then why bother to ask us while we were waiting for our fried rice at the Teppan section????

My friend was shocked by the service but she loved the food there and wanting to take her mom there for dinner.  For me I don’t think I will go back in the near future.

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