qi mi organic hot pot – highly recommend

tried out the organic hot pot at this place for Saturday lunch

Qi Min organic hotpot

台北市大安區忠孝東路四段128號  2樓

2nd floor 128 Zhongxiao east road sec.4, Daan, Taipei



They serve all the food from their own farm that’s why they have the solgan “From farm to table”









They are the same company with Green and Save which do delivery of fresh fruits and meat to your door.









the three of us ordered one set for two and one extra dish to share ( Chef’s selection & squid) for the extra person you can add $200 for the sides (appetizers, veggie, rice or noodle, vinegar, dessert)

the appetizers

all the ingredients tasted very fresh and crisp, definitely tasted like straight from farm.








The sauces from left to right

Lemon Grass Sauce > Empress Sauce > Qi men sauce

Lemon grass sauce  – a hints of lemon and orange alongside with lemongrass and apple cider. ideally for seafood and this is my favorite sauce as it give this refreshing taste to the veggie and meat.

Empress Sauce – is kinda like a soy sauce and they suggested you use it for your veggie, since the veggie here have this sweetness taste to it so I didn’t really dip the sauce .

Qi men sauce – is designed for meat, it mixed fennel, sesame and many other different spices.  Spices are not my cup of tea so i do prefer the first one.


The veggie basket I do reckon it is a bit too big for a single portion.

Plus I still don’t understand the Taiwanese culture of cooking moochi in hotpot, apprantly my friend said it taste pretty good. I am sorry it’s not my type of thing.

honestly speaking i’m not very fond of restaurant putting their food in bamboo basket like this one as they tend to mould inside, however, this one was looking pretty clean.









This is the Chef Selection for two

you got to choose two kinds of meat but since that my companions don’t eat beef so we ordered two different kinds of pork, even though I think the meat in Dawan taste a bit better this one wasn’t bad either.

The seafood platter was arraged like the sashimi platter in Japanese restaurant, I wish I can put them straight into my mouth.  Don’t you reckon that the scallop and salmon will taste much better to have it raw.  As for oyster it was a big one but I still like NZ’s bluff and jumbo clevedon oyster more.









The sakura shrimp rice was scrumptious but a little bit too oily and I couldn’t finish it since there were too much food for the three of us.

The black dumpling was very innovative and they put seafood inside it.


The plum vinegar after meal since its summer now they made it into to a slurpee. It was just too cold for me on my sick day so didn’t finish it.  I am sure if I wasn’t sick I would have finished it all.













For dessert tofu soup and cranberry cinnamon cookie.  I wished I got more tofu in the sweet soup as I liked it alot since it actually tasted like tofu unlike some other one I had in Hong Kong.

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