Dazzling Cafe~~ Honey toast expert

What a beautiful day it was last Saturday!!! doomed….. I needed to work that day


Oh well after our school Anniversary day we went to Dazzling for lunch/tea…

have been quite a while since I last had honey toast

we went to Dazzling Mint my first time there, as I always go to the one in Shin Kong since it is easier for walk in.

Dazzling has this crazy reservation system which you need to reservation on the 15th of each month and their phone are hard to get thru on that day.

Dazzling Cafe Mint
No.3 Alley 248, Sec 4, Zhong Xiao E. Rd. Taipei City

we reach towards the menu as soon as we were seated, due to a long day of work under the steaming hot sun









just honey toast couldn’t fill me at all

as some of my colleagues were having my favorite mentaiko spaghetti I went for the Club sandwich… a friendly reminder though pasta and risotto are not serve after 2pm at this store unlike the one in A11

When you ordered a main you can add $50 for a selected drink

here came my Club Sandwich and my pomelo drink which I reckon was a little bit too sweet for me









My favorite pasta and black truffle chips









The most outrangeous thing happened when I asked for tomato sauce, our waitress whom I believe was still under-training, replied that “Oh!  we don’t have tomato sauce here.” I was like ” You sure??” because I saw one big fat bottle of it sitting on the bench.  Then she replied ” Oh wait, I will ask around for you.”

What kind of service was that ???

I love to eat my chips with tomato sauce so what!!!! I am a kiwi, I love tomato sauce

My colleague’s smoke chicken sandwich which was a little bit too soggy for me.






The main dish of the day…

Strawberry Honey Toast


How it looked like

it’s acutally a big cube of bread loaf with custard, strawberries and strawberry icecream.  What makes it extra scrumptious is that they cut up the loaf into smaller pieces inside and toast them with sugar and butter.

They would leave the honey toast for you to take photos with “IT”, then returned to serve it.



after being chopped open looked like a collapsed building.

One of my colleague was complaining about why is it called HONEY toast but no “honey”.

The honey is actually on the side..




my all time favorite fresh fruit tea

I wonder what sort of tea is used in this drink love it






I won’t return to this store, I perfere going to the A11 branch more as they provide sincere services as well as more spacious.



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