craving for soufflés – Caldo Cafe

your best friend on a gloomy day are a good book and a hot chocolate… AND OF COURSE stay indoor somewhere I can snuggled down.

after shopping at breeze center came across with this cafe today… seems cozy enough

Address: No. 2, Alley 5, Lane 107, Section 1, Fu Hsing South Road


What should I eat.. nom nom nom

Finally decide on a Ham and cheese sandwich, they use the famous Le Gout bakery (NeiHu) Toast and a special cream cheese spread.

it also comes with an egg salad.

a refreshing drink – Lemon Apple smoothie

I do like it with more lemon… oh oh oh remind me of my favorite Dawan Lemonade.

Their staff are very friendly when you looked rather lost they would come over and give you some suggestion on what to order.

Here comes their famous souffle – salted caramel souffle… May be it is just me haven’t had souffle for too long, it appears to be quite big.  This also come with the gold syrup and grapefruit homemade sorbet.  The sorbet isn’t particularly good, the flavor isn’t strong enough

Next time I am gonna try out the Chocolate molten cake, had one at TGI Friday and it was BAD BAD BAD.. it wasn’t molten at all

Please please please stop raining I hate rainy weather ><

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