Aranzi Cafe


I am on my Cafe hunt again

Went to this Aranzi Cafe with my friends last Saturady,  all I could say I was stunned with the time we need to wait to be seated.  My friend arrived around 2:45 for a table for 3 we waited till 5:30…. OMG!!! 2 HRs 45 MINs… It better be food from heaven or else I’m gonna be super duper piss.

Since that we needed to hang around the cafe we took a zillion photos.

very crowded … can’t make reservation and I visited the one in the department store, I think the one on RenAi Road is better, the deco seems nicer and more spacious.

Address: 4/F ShinKong Mitsukoshi NanXi Two ( the one with Agnes b cafe)新光三越南西二館四樓

shop: 468 RenAi Road Sec.4 Taipei台北市仁愛路4段468號






“EAT ME!!! EAT ME!!!!”

(Sorry was playing around with instagram didn’t realise until I got home that they have this orange antique filter)

Shiro Usa is the White bunny, Panda is called Panda, Kappa is the Green random looking bird, Warumono the black evil buddy, Usotsuki is the yellow creature and he is a great liar.

We are family !!! I am not too familiar with them only tagging along my friends who are big fans  of this brand, so I can only identify some of the main ones (I guess)



Nicely decorated Warumono chairs I heard a kid requesting a specific chair! LOL






He does have these evil looking eyes… I wonder what he is up to….



















I was visualizing how would a Japanese Tofu spinach sandwhich taste like …. ummmmmm

didn’t sound too right to me

anyway, I ended up with the cakes n fresh fruit tea.


guess what this is???

TA-DA ~~ the brunch set

Woohoo my first time seeing a brunch set in a salad bowl but my friend loved it… the portion was just right for a GIRL









Sponge cake with strawberries and fresh cream

not bad at all the sponge cake was better than what I expected.







Kappa was the green tea cake with a tiny little bit of red bean and peaches.  The green tea flavor was just right with the cake a little bit too sweet for me towards my last few bites.








I like Dazzling Cafe’s Fresh fruit tea more as they are more generous on fruit slices .

Cute plate wanna take one home with me, they are on sale at the shop next to the restaurant.

Overall food wise were good but wouldn’t visit again as the waiting time was unbearable.



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