W Walkerhill Seoul

Many would think going to Seoul and living at walkerhill is not a wise decision as there only have 2 hotel 1 casino and a tiny duty free shop, oh well it actually has a restaurant further up.Since W is my favorite hotel brand and my aim is go to all the W around the world. It is a must for me to stay at W hotel for my trip to Seoul this time, the first W hotel in Aisa.
W walkerhill provides two different shuttle buses one to myeodong SK Telecom T tower, address: 11, Euljiro, 2-ga, Jung-gu, seoul.  and the other one to Kangbyun Subway exit 1 and Gwangnaru Subway exit 2 depart every 15 mins

Free Shuttle Bus 400filtered

we were greeted by a large W, with concierge staff standing by the shuttle offer to take your luggage, while he escorted us towards the welcome desk he introduced himself as well as asking our reservation name.  He notified the Welcome desk so once we stepped in the they had all our documentation ready.

The Welcome drink, very refreshing indeed but on a snowy day like this NO Thanks

But But But where were my Granny Smith (green apple) I just love seeing the “W” sticker on the apple.

This was the fastest check-in I have ever experienced took around 2 mins to complete… unlike W Taipei and Hong Kong always have a huge line with the process itself takes around 20mins.

Our Welcome talent send us off to the elevator area and wished us an enjoyable stay.

This is the coolest elevator I have ever seen

it is decorated with gymnast ring and they change colour too, so innovative.

When we got to our room we found out that it was located at the end of the corridor, since that I requested with SPG that I would love to have a room near the elevator so I gave the Welcome desk a call and they said they would change our room for us.  We left our room key with them while we went out to myeodong for dinner.

We were notified that our room had been changed as we stepped into W after our dinner and the warmest thing was that we found that the Welcome agent who checked us in left us a message to apologize for the room arrangement and since that it was the end of his shift while we were out, he would apologize in person when he comes in again the next day.  This is what we call Service from the heart, didn’t really expecting for the voice message, thumb up W Walkerhill.

P1010846 P1010853 P1010854 P1010855 P1010857 P1010858 P1010859 P1010863 P1010861 P1010862 Our new room’s theme colour was red red red… haha not a big fan of red but it’s ok….

Love their red bath robe more than the other ones.

I reckon the TV is a little bit too small with the standard of this hotel.

oh my !!! my heaven bed with the light frame, hip hip hip

P1010785 P1010815 P1010797 P1010782 P1010783 P1010781 P1010812 P1010813 P1010814 P1010816 P1010811 P1010789 P1010796 P1010792 P1010788 P1010787 P1010786 P1010779 P1010776

The corridor when it light up

on the ground floor not only have the Welcome desk also the Woo Bar and Kitchen Table. Honestly speaking I like the layout and design of this Woo bar then W taipei or W Hong Kong’s Living room.

GIGANTIC Jenga … we didn’t get to play it should have stop by and play a game or two, I wonder how tall can it stack up to.

Overall, I do give W Walkerhill a 8.5/10 as they provide top notch service and a very stylist hotel which is also detail minded.  The 1.5 is taken away due to that some of the hardware of the hotel is getting old and not as high tech as the other hip hotels around.

Will definitely go back one day :)

P1010865 P1010866 P1010868 P1010871 P1010876 P1010870 P1010878 P1010873 P1010875 P1010877 P1010882

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