After staying at the Toyoko Inn and Busan for a few days, at last we are going to Seoul (서울) the city of shopping!!!!

First stop, a place can’t be miss out myeongdong (명동)

since we were starving so we went into this really famous bibimbap (돌솥비빔밥) place 全州中央會館

it’s not hard to find just work along the main road i’m sure u can find it







however, we did notice that they seems to separate the locals and the foreigners…. I wonder why???


there are many tour groups have their lunch here too…

we had one normal bibimbap n one with abalone…. I still don’t get why in Korea you need to order two portion if you have two people, sometimes it is hard on us especially we would love to try out as many food as we can






mental chopsticks made it harder to use, really they are way to heavy to hold for the duration of a long meal

bibimbap in a hot stone pot… nom nom nomwith abalone on the side.. you need to put it in while you have fun mixing your bibimbap

not bad huh.. very filling indeed…


next stop here we were at this popular Korean local place with my Korean friend according to her this is a cheap snack to have and they have quite a few branches in myeongdong


it is 5000 won per set then you will get the following

mini rice rolls with spicy squid and white radish, they are quite spicy and are refillable

this is not my cup of tea since it was snowing outside and eating this spicy n cold dish not a good idea on a freezing day like this… I rather have a hot chocolate n snuggle in bed.




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