2nd day at Haeundae

As the breakfast at Toyoko Inn is offer between 6- 8 am and we didn’t woke up till 10:00, missed out on the breakfast.  Went down to the lobby trying to find the way to the metro station as the front desk staff speak limited English after 30 mins we still had no idea of where to go, Thank god there were goggle map

after 30 mins of long walk (due to that we don’t know the way, normally take around 15 mins)

We were here!!! at Haeundae Metro station








as we missed breakfast needa to grab something to eat

These are all sort of custard cakes (deli manjoo- 델리 만쥬) selling at most of the metro stations in Korea there are chestnut,  cream custard and green tea&red bean flavor.  we had the cream flavor one, its warm n soft good to go with  banana milk 🙂






We couldn’t get T – Money in Busan

so need to purchase single journey ticket, buying tickets were easier then we have been expecting



there are two ways buying it
First: you can find your destination station on the Map then click how many tickets you need

Second: to find out whether your station is section 1 or section 2, press the according section then the number of tickets needed.

1 Section is 1200 won (1100 won on T-money)

2 sections is 1400 won (1300 won on T-money)

our destination of the day is to Jagalchi stationthere is a fish market situated there.  Time for some fresh octopus

We got out from exit 6 then walk towards the harbour, you wouldn’t get lost as you could smell a strong fishy smell.  Follow your nose, will get you there for sure

on the way to the market for our fresh seafood lunch, you will pass by all sort of seafood stalls.






fresh ones dried ones waiting for you to eat them and of coz because it sell seafood you are expecting it to be wet n stinky.

blow fish to die for, we didn’t get to eat it as it was too expensive.






it’s kinda freaking me out as the octopus making it’s way out …

A fish net symbol>>> at last we are here at the indoor market

now we need to go look for seafood then ask one of the restaurant , more like a food counter to process them for you

we got our seafood at this counter since this guy can speak English, I am sure that he mark up the price too.. but there are no other ones we can communicate with.

he took us to this food counter for our seafood to be cook, basically you can eat them raw, grill and steam

heaps of side dishes 반찬 (banchan) like other korean restaurant






live octopus -산낙지 (sannakji) basically they chop it up then mix it with sesame oil and sesame it still moving when you put it in your mouth, it’s worth a try but I am not a big fan of it.  Its really chewy and not much taste at all like you are eating sesame bubble gum.  I actually end up eating it with this sauce

To spice the whole thing up a little bit.











we also had shellfish and prawn, a taste of freshness.

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