Chinese New Year Holiday in Korea

Since my sister has been teaching in Korea for the last 6 months, I decided to go visit her on my 10 days Chinese New Year holiday.

I took the budget airline since that the ticket during that time is extremely outrageously expensive and none of them have economy class left.  Choosing between Cathay Pacific business class and Air Busan I decided to give the latter a try.  Air Busan wasn’t that bad and I would say their meal was way better than CX’s dry n random combination sandwich (for HKG-TPE route).  Once on board I was overwhelmed with the Korean language which I don’t understand a single word.

Once I arrived in Busan airport was greeted by a superbly cool blast, during my time there the temperature was below zero.

There I saw my sister sitting down there with her luggage, looking out for me 🙂

This time we stay at a budget Inn – Toyoko Inn we choose the newest one in Busan – haeundae which was near to our first priority hotel – Westin

Getting a bit nervous to stay at an INN which the two of us have never stayed, we usually stay at hotels under the Starwood group.

We took the Airport shuttle which we believe can take us to our destination. (Note: I travelled on Air Busan and their boarding pass can get you 1,000 won discount but the bus driver will collect your boarding pass if you use this promotion. We didn’t use it as we want to use it for something else

The bus ride was way too long and we got stuck in the traffic… and how could we missed our bus stop. Stupid us didn’t do much research and thought that the bus would take us to Toyoko Inn… Dream on.. if you stay at Toyoko Inn you should get off at the Paradise Hotel which is right opposite.

At last we have to take a cab to go back to Toyoko

Toyoko is a chain Japanese Inn and it’s quite famous among the locals and backpackers

These are all the name cards for all the Toyoko Inn around the world.. We were planning to grab a whole bunch of them and play Toyoko Inn Monopoly wahahahahaha

The lobby is quite neat and tidy but it’s not as friendly as a YHA

May be it’s new and not too well know to foreigners, the English standard of the staffs are below average.  Most of the time we need to draw or use our body language.

Once again Air Busan offer 10% off and they also ask us to join member which would give you further discount.

The room was quite clean and tidy, not a big room of course but have all the necessities in it like a wardobe, TV, fridge, table, chair, bathroom.  Honestly speaking I do find that the cleaning part was better than some of the 5 stars hotels.  However, if you want them to clean your room every two days you will need to leave your room before noon everyday, for us being such a lazy ass we couldn’t be bother to go have breakfast downstair and have our room cleaned during our 3 days stay.

I do recommend Toyoko Inn – Haeundae as it’s just a step away from all the 5 stars hotel around the beach and a minute or two away from the convenient stores, starbucks and the beach. 

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