Dawan yakiniku – the best one in Taipei


大腕燒肉 Dawan Yakiniku

No. 22, Lane 177, Section 1, Dūnhuà South Road, Daan District



I must say this is the best yakiniku place in Taipei and definitely worth the money ….. This is even better then some yakiniku in Japan
A bit hard to find as they are located in the alley, get off at zhongxiao dunhua station exit 8…. Walk straight …..turn right häagendazs …. Then Turn right and then left again into the nearest alley …. U will see a restaurant with a gingerbread man banner … Dawan is a few shops down

Usually I start off with my favorite lemonade – a freshly squeezed lemon juice, it goes very well with the food
The tofu salad is a must have item – cabbage with Japanese style salad dressing and deep fried tofu cubes
This can freshen you up before the big meal


they grill your food right in front of you with this steaming hot bbq the special characoal they use here is the ogatan from Japan

lemons are provided for you to dip your grilled mouth watering food

IMG_0178 IMG_0180

the Ox  with Chives and onion is cooked to medium… you then dip it into your lemon juice a delightful way to start of the meal

This Matsusaka pork are cut into thin pieces and seasoned with salt and pepper

You will be amazed how fresh and juicy it is

IMG_0181 IMG_0182

The tender beef fillet with a special made garlic sauce is my all time favorite.. I can’t leave the shop without having this, its juicy and yet not too fat (except for the sauce may be they have fresh garlic clove with mashed garlic a big block of butter and soy sauce

I perfer having the sauce on it while served rather than have it on the side. I reckon it taste much better this way. nom nom nom

IMG_0183 IMG_0184 IMG_0185

the grilled chicken cartilage.. I admit that the first time trying this do taste a little bit werid as it’s too cruchy for me

With knowing that it contains collagen and protein, I just can’t help eating more.


another must have dish in Dawan

Cattle streaky with BBQ sauce

the meat is very tender and if you eat it with your rice I can assure you that you can finish the whole plate all by yourself.IMG_0190


This is the “sabu-sabu” Waygu beef (this is not on the menu but you can ask if they have it for the day) can only be grilled one at a time as they need to turn in consistently within 10 sec and it serve with chives and onion again.  No seasoning so you can taste the meat itself.

My dad can’t help to have to order one more serve after this.


We finish off with this gigantic prawns

I love eating prawns so to me its an other must have, but for my dad he doesn’t like prawn being grill he said it dries them out

After typing this blog make me wanna go to Dawan again for another meal.


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