Wonderful room – W Taipei

Didn’t really take that many pics in the room during my stays at W Taipei … but am going to stay there again on this coming weekend.  It is my 2nd home indeed.


IMG_8986 IMG_8997


This is the best bed in the entire world (haha may be not), to me up to this very second it is my Heaven Bed (this is what Starwood name it).  Sometimes we squashed three people in the bed and still very spacious .

IMG_8987 IMG_8989 IMG_8990

honestly speaking the sink is kinda weirdly designed and too low for a normal person, water splashed everywhere when you use it…

Toto automate washlet toilet.. love the toilet seat warmer function, but still have had the guts to try the washlet function which feel kinda weird to me

this lime green bathroom is yet the most colourful bathroom I have been to.  However, this justify the news I got from their designer that W Taipei went overbudget by a hell lot therefore they don’t really use top quality material for their rooms.. The bathroom tiles are uneven and I had stayed in a room where several tiles fallen off and that was when the hotel was 2 months old.



Magazines and W insider news which provides all the hip places to go in Taipei.

IMG_9002 IMG_9001

wine glasses they provided I wonder how often they get clean, was gonna use them for the champagne that W had given me for my birthday.  Holy, they were all cover with a coat of dust.

My surprised b’day arrangement didn’t stop here and also this huge chocolate display, truly spoiled by the Strawberries coated with dark chocolate.

At the Kitchen table for my birthday dinner they prepared mini burgers and seared scallops..Geez the scollops were good, but the mini burger’s beef patty was a bit over-cooked. Oh Oh Oh and my special cocktails from the Woo Bar.  To conclude with the devil evil chocolate mousse cake.

What a birthday!!!!

Especially my sister flew all the way from Korea just to celebrate with me.. MUAHHHH LOVE you sis.

A tiring trip and not to mention all the arrangement she made with the with the F&B manager as well as the Wellcome desk Asst. Manager alongside with W insiders.

A spoilacious birthday 


IMG_7988 IMG_7989 IMG_7991IMG_8008 IMG_8009 IMG_8007 P1020612

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