W Taipei

W Taipei – my favourite Hotel in Taipei, this Hip and Stylish hotel has a superbly good location as it is right above the Taipei City Hall MRT Station and share the same location with the Hankyou Department Store. It’s easy to get around the hotel not to mention there are the high end fashion labels shopping mall – Bellavita, as well as 4 Mitsukoshi and yet a newly opened ATT 4 fun for the young ones..XinYi area is also the heart of business district of Taipei.


Tell you what.. W Taipei is one of the newly opened hotel in Taipei… and had just celebrated it’s first b’day on 14Feb… During this year I had already stayed at W Taipei for a countless time, this is one of my favourite hotel


This is the lobby of W.. I still remember the day when they roped off the lobby for “Love”‘s filming and there I was carrying 3 big suitcases squeezing thru the crowd trying to get to the lift to go check in on the 10th Floor… I was pretty pissed on that day and reckon the hotel should have notify their guest earlier. From then on they have this announcement section on their official website.


The check in area – Welcome desk

the staff here are pretty helpful and friendly, as always I love to chill with them when I couldn’t seep Image

Whatever/Whenever is an unique service to W hotel  and it claims that they can help you with whatever mission you’ve had for them… of course depends on the task, they might charge for their service. I do reckon this is a brilliant way to advertise the hotel


the lift to take you up to your room and it needs your room card to activate it, this photo looks like it was in a scientific film.


up on the 30th floor.. for all the time I stayed with W, I request 30th floor with the Ferris Wheel view, as W is one of the tall building in Taipei you can actually oversee the Ferris Wheel in Dazhi area.


Love the night view – this picture is taken when my sister arranged a surprised birthday party along with the help of W

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